Friday, December 25, 2009


I'm at the IGI Airport. My flight to Bangkok is at four. Even though I haven't slept all day+night and have almost nothing to say, I couldn't resist myself from posting something here! 

I can NOT believe this new terminal of the IGI Airport. I mean, it's totally free of pan-stains, kooda kachra and mitti. There's Subway and CCD and Nirulas' Ice-cream, FREE INTERNET :D and a really cute children's zone. Christmas decorations too! :) Am I still in India? Or am I flying after a really long time and have totally forgotten the old one?

First stop - Bangkok. SHOPPINNGGGGG!!!!!!!

Hoping to find free internet at the Hotel! 

I'm tempted to sign off as 
Gossip Girl! ;-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too much is good! :D

My father who has recently started Pranayama sessions with Ramdev (Please, dont go away just yet. Read on, please!), was telling me yesterday (something that this Baba Ramdev mentioned in his long speeches that go along with the workout sessions) that some guy (Shivaji, umm no, someone else with a name starting with an 'S') had made a list of these 7/8/I'm not really sure how many qualities that a human being must possess to be a good one in his eyes..which included one 'Sher' (Tiger, for firangis) ki quality(which, put simply, means feeling too much of excitement/love/hatred..basically feeling too much of everything..for everything - the hyper-excited, the aggressive quality) which is pretty much the most dominant of all the qualities, if any, that I do have. :O Not many people consider it to be a good quality. My parents..not so much..but then, they have reasons. LOL. Sometimes, people surprise you, don't they? Even such once-upon-a-time, long dead characters!

Anyway, the main baat is that I love me and pity people who don't feel as much as I do..who'd have made good G.K. Gokhale(s), not Bhagat Singh(s), during the Independence struggle in the early nineties, who don't feel the same level of Ughhhhhhhh-ness on seeing No Smoking or the same amount of Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh-ness on encountering anything remotely related to dogs and/ don't want to call them "saale kutttttttttteee" every time with the same level of stress on the 't'(s) or don't loooooooooooooove everyone around/the weather/small, hardly-noticeable-to-human-eyes things as much as I do or feel as much looooooooooooooooooooove as I do whenever I look into those eyes...those beautiful.....beautiful...

.......umm..where was I..! Oh, yes, they're definitely missing out on a lot of L.I.F.E.