Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's going to be a happy new year.

I have a diary and as a ritual I write in it on the 1st of January, every year. It starts generally with " I had sooooo much fun yesterday blah blah blah..long stories" and then follow the new year resolutions. The first one is invariably - "I HAVE TO write at least a page in my diary everyday" because I just like the idea of having my whole life on record and I know even before I write it that that's not gonna happen. Next come 26-27 more resolutions including my plans of becoming "really, REALLY slim this year" and of giving up countless bad habits and of topping in all the exams, of learning photography, a new language, of doing regular riyaaz (because i want to be a singer :D) et cetera. And the last one, the most obvious one is "I'll keep my New Year Resolutions this year unlike what I usually do".

I missed my ritual this year as I was 3000 kms. away from my diary and I just realized now that that was that something missing this new year. So here it goes, my resolution (yes, no plurals here, lucky you, yay!) for year 2010 is to have a happy new year, no matter what! Starting now. S-M-I-L-E. :D