Friday, August 28, 2009

Back by Popular demand..just for one post! :-))

Hellllooo, the adorable readers of this blog!!!!!!! :D :D

Why I've not been blogging..even when I really REALLY want pretty simple. I'm avoiding having to think. I've got so much to do. It's not like I have time and think! I brush my thoughts aside consciously. Correction, am trying to! :-l Plus, there are so many thoughts in my head! I obviously am not all that honest on my Sometimes I come here..write something and then don't complete it as a draft and log off!

Uh, Okay. I've been having major MAJOR mood swings. I'm just thinking too much. And I'm not depressed..NO! Not the least bit..In fact, I'm pretty happy. Yeah. It's only when my moods are swinging crazy that I'm not happy. Sometimes, I'm okay-happy even then. And I'm trying to me, I am!! It's JUST NOT working. I mean, there are SO many thoughts in my head and all at once..and no, they don't come in a logical sequence..they just go all brownian and HIT, HIT, HIT. Yeah :( What is this? :( What the hell. I'm trying to be the best person in the world..these mood swings are making it very easy...NOT!!! For example, I just go snap-snap-snap at people for no fault of theirs. I don't want to snap. :( You know what! I know what it is! It's the rains! Damn's them!

I mean, I have to get up in the morning. Early. To study for major, MAJOR exams coming up , then go to class and then come back home at night to have dinner and sleep. But I can't sleep. Because there are so many things to be said, to be shouted out. But, to whom? Okay, that last bit was filmi. Agreed.

OK, chuck the weird part aside. I got a gift!! which is this -

Can you beat that? I got a kids' book! But is it the prettiest, pink-est, sweetest, one of its kind book! :-)) My father's friend saw it and spent half an hour reading it and thought if he liked reading a 10 year old girl's diary..I sure would! lol :D

I'll come back with more! Bye for now!