Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That feeling. :D

Life is perfect.

This year has been study-wise pretty hard for me because I suddenly went about changing my stream of study. And studies have a tendency of sucking the life out of me. (I take too much of load when it comes to studies, according to a friend of mine, nicknamed - Point. LOL) But, the main point is that the most important exams in my life so far have been dealt with, though the result shall show itself in two months and I'm a final year B.Com. student now! YAY :D

I'm in the midst of my well-deserved 5 day long vacation before I've to go back to my training and am loving it. I'm feeling lighter than I've felt in a long long while. Sleeping in till late and waking up without an alarm. (Although, waking up out of shock when you hear your mum telling you she's written a poem for your wedding card is not any better.) Having Maggi for breakfast. Enjoying the weather. Enjoying the scent of flowers and the chirping of birds in the park in the evening. Loving everything, everyone. Even enjoying promos of "P-A-A" *shudders*. Going for a jog and loving it too! Not having to keep a count of time. Playing scrabble. FBing all day long. Listening to "Kya karoon?" from Wake Up Sid all day long on repeat and again the next day. I love this. :-D But, only when I've worked hard to deserve these moments.

Lalalala...tururururu. :D

P.S.: I'm not getting married ROFL@Annie's comment !!!!! Mum has written it six-seven years in advance to save the trouble then! LOL Annie! Katta kar diya!