Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday :D Handsome! ;)

If only I would have taken birth exactly one month before I actually did, I would have shared my birthday with none other than another one of the loves of my life. Yes people, today is the birthday of the best, the awesomest, the legend, my hero and my love - Jackieeeee Chan :D

(So now you know when my birthday is! :P)

I've seen all Jackie Chan movies (even those reeeeeeally old chini movies of his heeheehee they're the best :D. And that cartoon series - Jackie Chan Adventures on CN!!!! :D Awesome!!) that exist (Well, almost) except for the one that was on Star Movies the other day and Jackie was really sad in it :*Sob* and he's such a happy guy..I couldn't bear to watch him like that. Some movie called New Cop Story. But people, even those who don't like them, or those who haven't ever watched a Jackie Chan movie, I recommend this movie to you - City Hunter. The best Jackie Chan movie ever ever ever!!! Take my word for it, you'll be left ROFL-ing!!! Jackie is so funnyyy...eeeee!!! I wish he finds this while randomly net surfing!!!!! eeeeeee!!!!! how cool would that beeeeeeee!!!!!!!

P.S. - Okay okay, don't give me that look..I'm going to study now. Okay!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Some people have ALL the luck in the world!! hmph.

Delhi won again today!! YAY. BTW, did anyone notice how the match got stalled for a couple of minutes in between when something happened with the apple of Madsy's eye, Virat Kohli (Who btw, still hasn't added me back on fb! hmph.) right after he took Warner's catch? Yeah okay, they probably showed a commercial on TV for those few you missed it. Anyhoo, the point is - Guess what!! Apparently, a friend of my brother's was so frustrated with Delhi losing Warner's wicket that he threw the ice in his glass of coke with all his might and main and somehow it landed right on top of Virat Kohli's head who was fielding on the boundary and hit him with force (duh) and he got a lil hurt. (Haha, what a girl!). True story.

Now, there are a few questions that enter my mind here. One, what size was the ice! I mean, the trays we have, they make a pretty small cube and a cube of that size - either should have melted away with the coke/ while it was flying in air. Even if we assume that it was a PRETTY big cube (yes, Virat Kohli got hurt, remember!), how in the world, what the, i mean..what are the odds!!! :( Yes, some people have all the luck in the world.

Nothing compared to this sort of an amazing luck but, I won a Panasonic - Delhi Daredevils T-Shirt and a (500 wala) ticket to today's match (which my brother used because he's a student of DCE and they're lucky enough to have the perfect excuse for not taking exams, boycotting them - I'm sure you must have heard of the students of DCE (Delhi College of Engineering) protesting against its conversion to DTU (Delhi Technological University) if you're a delhite.(They've boycotted their exams for the third time now. One month and the protest hasn't died down. They get to shout out slogans like "Pabbu haaye haaye" (Their VC's name is P.B.Sharma and they want him to step down.) and "Galli galli me halla hai, P.B. Sharma dalla hai". And they get to do a dharna outside his house and sing song the slogans at different speeds. And they get to take part in candle-light protest marches at the India gate, Jantar Mantar, the Vidhan Sabha and outside Sheila Dikshit's house. The only sad thing that's happened here is that they were lathi-charged outside Sheila Dikshit's house and some got badly hurt. :( even though it was the most non-violent protest ever. So yeah, I wish I was in DCE right now. I wish I could boycott my exams and have an excuse to take part in this rang-de-basanti of a kind movement. College activism is actually fun.) Ha, so I won these things by randomly SMSing in one of those radio contests. Yeah I do that sometimes when I'm bored. Oh oh oh and I got shortlisted for the grand prize - which is that the person gets to stand with the captains of the two teams when they're having the toss in the finals!!!! Only if I win that will I start believing in my luck again. :D Aah, if I DO win that and if KKR reaches the finals, can I ask Shahrukh also to be present where they're having the toss?! Can I, can I!

Yeah, I'm bored as bored can be. Going back to study. Toodles. I don't believe I just said that. Sometimes I talk so much, I bore myself.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kabhi khud pe hassa main aur kabhi khud pe roya!!!

You think you are the best. You think you're just the way one ought to be. Just the way you want to be. The one with principles and ideals and things like that. The one untouched by worldly pleasures. ( nahi but still I like saying this :D) The most intelligent. The flawless. The perfect one. Not like the others. The others are mad people. Mad but cute, happy and lovable. =) =) Ahem.....mad, nonetheless.

THEN, all of a sudden, you go mad. Why? Because you start living in the moment and just enjoying stuff without thinking of consequences and all that blah. You say what you want to, you do what you want to and exit stage. Simple. Things that regular people do. Normal stuff. You throw away your rulebooks and become impulsive and reckless and start doing things totally Dil Se. Yes, this is an extension of that last post. :-P

And then, you REALIZE that you've gone mad and go ahead and acknowledge it to yourself. The time has come for the world to end people..the time has come, I tell ya.


P.S. - The good thing about this is that you still haven't gone completely mad. Yeah, that's a good thing. You're still fair, unselfish and good. That's what matters. The most. :-D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's going to be a happy new year.

I have a diary and as a ritual I write in it on the 1st of January, every year. It starts generally with " I had sooooo much fun yesterday blah blah blah..long stories" and then follow the new year resolutions. The first one is invariably - "I HAVE TO write at least a page in my diary everyday" because I just like the idea of having my whole life on record and I know even before I write it that that's not gonna happen. Next come 26-27 more resolutions including my plans of becoming "really, REALLY slim this year" and of giving up countless bad habits and of topping in all the exams, of learning photography, a new language, of doing regular riyaaz (because i want to be a singer :D) et cetera. And the last one, the most obvious one is "I'll keep my New Year Resolutions this year unlike what I usually do".

I missed my ritual this year as I was 3000 kms. away from my diary and I just realized now that that was that something missing this new year. So here it goes, my resolution (yes, no plurals here, lucky you, yay!) for year 2010 is to have a happy new year, no matter what! Starting now. S-M-I-L-E. :D