Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kabhi khud pe hassa main aur kabhi khud pe roya!!!

You think you are the best. You think you're just the way one ought to be. Just the way you want to be. The one with principles and ideals and things like that. The one untouched by worldly pleasures. ( nahi but still I like saying this :D) The most intelligent. The flawless. The perfect one. Not like the others. The others are mad people. Mad but cute, happy and lovable. =) =) Ahem.....mad, nonetheless.

THEN, all of a sudden, you go mad. Why? Because you start living in the moment and just enjoying stuff without thinking of consequences and all that blah. You say what you want to, you do what you want to and exit stage. Simple. Things that regular people do. Normal stuff. You throw away your rulebooks and become impulsive and reckless and start doing things totally Dil Se. Yes, this is an extension of that last post. :-P

And then, you REALIZE that you've gone mad and go ahead and acknowledge it to yourself. The time has come for the world to end people..the time has come, I tell ya.


P.S. - The good thing about this is that you still haven't gone completely mad. Yeah, that's a good thing. You're still fair, unselfish and good. That's what matters. The most. :-D


IcE MaiDeN said...


Good Good! I need some more MAD people on this mad side of the world Im on!!!! send em' over NOW! :P :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehhehheh that is so what I was thinking :D

here's to living and loving the moment.

Dr. Acula said...

@Both - LOL LOL :D :D :D

bondgal_rulz said...

Kya ??????

Dr. Acula said...

Heeeehahahahahaha :D LOL..kya kyaaa??? :P :P Arreyy!! Beech beech me I go paagal okay, then I come back to my normal self and beech beech me I just don't know which one is my normal self basically what I'm saying is that I'm trying to JUST BE!! And quoting Amrita (I'll try 2 be truthful) here - "here's to living and loving the moment" :D

Anonymous said...

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