Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's going to be a happy new year.

I have a diary and as a ritual I write in it on the 1st of January, every year. It starts generally with " I had sooooo much fun yesterday blah blah blah..long stories" and then follow the new year resolutions. The first one is invariably - "I HAVE TO write at least a page in my diary everyday" because I just like the idea of having my whole life on record and I know even before I write it that that's not gonna happen. Next come 26-27 more resolutions including my plans of becoming "really, REALLY slim this year" and of giving up countless bad habits and of topping in all the exams, of learning photography, a new language, of doing regular riyaaz (because i want to be a singer :D) et cetera. And the last one, the most obvious one is "I'll keep my New Year Resolutions this year unlike what I usually do".

I missed my ritual this year as I was 3000 kms. away from my diary and I just realized now that that was that something missing this new year. So here it goes, my resolution (yes, no plurals here, lucky you, yay!) for year 2010 is to have a happy new year, no matter what! Starting now. S-M-I-L-E. :D


Anonymous said...

Awesome :) !! Great work girl !

bondgal_rulz said...

Sounds like a plan!

Creation said...

Best Resolution ever! :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

I love it!!!! Me doing it too!!!

sawan said...

doctor ji, thts the best resolution ive read so far :) 3000km? kaha pe the aap??

Dhanya said...

*smiles* :)

Mads said...

1) i love you for posting!
2) i love you coz you made only one resolution
3) i love you for your resolution!

*grins* :D :D :D

Anurag said...

hey siya...long time..Yes smile always:)

Anonymous said...

Rather nice blog you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Stupidosaur said...

I don't make any new year sorrylutions ;)

I did make one this time: EAT!!! ;)

Anyways, "Visit 10 websites and earn $5" seems to be a very good one! Thanks henry J! But sorry! Like all resolutions, I ain't gonna follow it ;)

BTW I wonder why Anonymous posted the comment above. Usually that kind of lame comment message is a spam, with a linked url.
Or at least has a valid user id of the blogger, linking to profile or blog, so that a flattered you visits it back.
Or the message is anonymous when vile or insulting!

But this godly comment fails on all three counts! Hail anonymous! (I promise it's not me!)

Back from Bangkok yet?

Also, why did you not just purchase a new diary like every year? Oh wait, till now I was imagining that you begin a new diary every year with entry1+resolutions, but never continue. Are you saying you have only 1 diary and you add one entry each year (and not necessarily on 1st Jan page?)

Then hail Dr.Acula!

Dr. Acula said...

@Anonymous No. 1 - Thanks!! :) Anonymous comments on my blog! Lol. Interesting! :P

@Isha, Kriti, Annie, Dhanya,Madhuri: *smiles back* :D :D

@Sawan: I was holidaying in Thailand. :D Refer to my last post :P LOL@doctor jee. :P

@Anurag: Hello!! :) Long time indeed! :)

@Anonymous No.2 - Thanks :D

@Stupidosaur- LOL!!! So you're one of those really skinny ones who are totally blessed cause they can eat without counting calories?? Wow! Good for you!

LMAO@Henry J!!!

Oh I know...!! It's true..even I was wondering the same. In fact, I saw almost the same comment by Anonymous on another blog! Hahaha..I know!! Wonder why someone has to be Anonymous for posting a comment like that!! Hail thee for your detailed analysis of the subject matter! :P :P

Of course I'm back in Delhi! It was a 15 day trip! :D FUNNN :D

Yes..hahahahahaha..I've been writing in the same diary for a couple of years now! it's a year 2006 diary!! LOL. I can't help it!! There are just too many pages in it :P LOL. I'm not a regular diary writer :P *sheepish grin*

Anonymous said...
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Naina Sethi said...
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Anonymous said...
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