Friday, December 25, 2009


I'm at the IGI Airport. My flight to Bangkok is at four. Even though I haven't slept all day+night and have almost nothing to say, I couldn't resist myself from posting something here! 

I can NOT believe this new terminal of the IGI Airport. I mean, it's totally free of pan-stains, kooda kachra and mitti. There's Subway and CCD and Nirulas' Ice-cream, FREE INTERNET :D and a really cute children's zone. Christmas decorations too! :) Am I still in India? Or am I flying after a really long time and have totally forgotten the old one?

First stop - Bangkok. SHOPPINNGGGGG!!!!!!!

Hoping to find free internet at the Hotel! 

I'm tempted to sign off as 
Gossip Girl! ;-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too much is good! :D

My father who has recently started Pranayama sessions with Ramdev (Please, dont go away just yet. Read on, please!), was telling me yesterday (something that this Baba Ramdev mentioned in his long speeches that go along with the workout sessions) that some guy (Shivaji, umm no, someone else with a name starting with an 'S') had made a list of these 7/8/I'm not really sure how many qualities that a human being must possess to be a good one in his eyes..which included one 'Sher' (Tiger, for firangis) ki quality(which, put simply, means feeling too much of excitement/love/hatred..basically feeling too much of everything..for everything - the hyper-excited, the aggressive quality) which is pretty much the most dominant of all the qualities, if any, that I do have. :O Not many people consider it to be a good quality. My parents..not so much..but then, they have reasons. LOL. Sometimes, people surprise you, don't they? Even such once-upon-a-time, long dead characters!

Anyway, the main baat is that I love me and pity people who don't feel as much as I do..who'd have made good G.K. Gokhale(s), not Bhagat Singh(s), during the Independence struggle in the early nineties, who don't feel the same level of Ughhhhhhhh-ness on seeing No Smoking or the same amount of Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh-ness on encountering anything remotely related to dogs and/ don't want to call them "saale kutttttttttteee" every time with the same level of stress on the 't'(s) or don't loooooooooooooove everyone around/the weather/small, hardly-noticeable-to-human-eyes things as much as I do or feel as much looooooooooooooooooooove as I do whenever I look into those eyes...those beautiful.....beautiful...

.......umm..where was I..! Oh, yes, they're definitely missing out on a lot of L.I.F.E.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That feeling. :D

Life is perfect.

This year has been study-wise pretty hard for me because I suddenly went about changing my stream of study. And studies have a tendency of sucking the life out of me. (I take too much of load when it comes to studies, according to a friend of mine, nicknamed - Point. LOL) But, the main point is that the most important exams in my life so far have been dealt with, though the result shall show itself in two months and I'm a final year B.Com. student now! YAY :D

I'm in the midst of my well-deserved 5 day long vacation before I've to go back to my training and am loving it. I'm feeling lighter than I've felt in a long long while. Sleeping in till late and waking up without an alarm. (Although, waking up out of shock when you hear your mum telling you she's written a poem for your wedding card is not any better.) Having Maggi for breakfast. Enjoying the weather. Enjoying the scent of flowers and the chirping of birds in the park in the evening. Loving everything, everyone. Even enjoying promos of "P-A-A" *shudders*. Going for a jog and loving it too! Not having to keep a count of time. Playing scrabble. FBing all day long. Listening to "Kya karoon?" from Wake Up Sid all day long on repeat and again the next day. I love this. :-D But, only when I've worked hard to deserve these moments.

Lalalala...tururururu. :D

P.S.: I'm not getting married ROFL@Annie's comment !!!!! Mum has written it six-seven years in advance to save the trouble then! LOL Annie! Katta kar diya!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back by Popular demand..just for one post! :-))

Hellllooo, the adorable readers of this blog!!!!!!! :D :D

Why I've not been blogging..even when I really REALLY want pretty simple. I'm avoiding having to think. I've got so much to do. It's not like I have time and think! I brush my thoughts aside consciously. Correction, am trying to! :-l Plus, there are so many thoughts in my head! I obviously am not all that honest on my Sometimes I come here..write something and then don't complete it as a draft and log off!

Uh, Okay. I've been having major MAJOR mood swings. I'm just thinking too much. And I'm not depressed..NO! Not the least bit..In fact, I'm pretty happy. Yeah. It's only when my moods are swinging crazy that I'm not happy. Sometimes, I'm okay-happy even then. And I'm trying to me, I am!! It's JUST NOT working. I mean, there are SO many thoughts in my head and all at once..and no, they don't come in a logical sequence..they just go all brownian and HIT, HIT, HIT. Yeah :( What is this? :( What the hell. I'm trying to be the best person in the world..these mood swings are making it very easy...NOT!!! For example, I just go snap-snap-snap at people for no fault of theirs. I don't want to snap. :( You know what! I know what it is! It's the rains! Damn's them!

I mean, I have to get up in the morning. Early. To study for major, MAJOR exams coming up , then go to class and then come back home at night to have dinner and sleep. But I can't sleep. Because there are so many things to be said, to be shouted out. But, to whom? Okay, that last bit was filmi. Agreed.

OK, chuck the weird part aside. I got a gift!! which is this -

Can you beat that? I got a kids' book! But is it the prettiest, pink-est, sweetest, one of its kind book! :-)) My father's friend saw it and spent half an hour reading it and thought if he liked reading a 10 year old girl's diary..I sure would! lol :D

I'll come back with more! Bye for now!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


First things first,

Guess what, JOHN and KATRINA DIE at the end of the movie!!!! DIE!!!!!Muhahahahahahahaha!!

Ok, THAT I've always wanted to do. Really. PK (NOT JK's relative. I charge for special appearances on my blog and that's what the free ones get.) spoiled the whole suspense and the generally happy home-room mood, when he burst right into the classroom with "Dumbledore dies", right after the day the book was released. The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was a catastrophe. None of us had any premonition of this impending doom and hence, were totally unprepared.

I'm not doing a review here a la Rajeev Masand. Who, BTW, I really like. I can't say love. I've started loving too many, too much. It's hard to create a line. But yes, he's awesome. I like the way he does the reviews. He's aggressive in his choice of words and so, we have a connection :) . Doesn't get off focus just to sound funny or something. He's great, really. OK, I take his word only if I want to. I mean, the guy's great and everything, but we don't have to agree on everything, right? So, yeah, he spoiled Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na for me, which was probably the first time I listened to a review before watching the movie myself. He called it an average movie. And so, I could not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Second time round when I watched the movie alone, at home with Tyler (That's what my bro has named our PC. Lame, no?? Muhaha. Guess what our laptop is called! Dragon!!! Ahahaha. And he calls me lame. Ah, whatever.), I cried buckets, tubs, drums. I don't exactly know why I cried that much when it's supposed to be a feel-good movie. Well, I still have doubts about me. Hee hee.

Okay, returning back to the main point. I don't intend to do a review of the movie. But, my would-have-been-victim in such a case is in Bangalore doing an internship and I don't really think I can afford a STD call, right now. She calls me up in the middle of the night because of a "MAJOR CRISIS!!" that was Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. She'd just seen the movie and was feeling "destroyed, deeply affected, devastated!!!". Yeah, you get the drift. And it went on for some 3 hours. Gawd, I am such an amazing friend! And everybody at home is sick tired of my 'wondering aloud'. So, yay!! :) Blessing in disguise, right? What disguise! Just blessing.

So the movie is going awesomely well throughout, right untill the end. I'm about to cry at one particular point when my dude of a bro makes a you're-such-a-lamerrrr expression and off we go laughng. I mean, I don't get it. JOHN DIES!!! KAT DIES!! I don't feel a thing. Nothing. I didn't cry. Didn't want to jump right into the movie and save them from the bullets that went right through them. Nothing. In my friend's words, kuch feel nahi aayi. You know, it seemed all fake. I knew it was a movie and there were actors playing it. I wasn't shocked when they died. Nor sad. Cause they were merely actors playing their respective roles. Just that.

Why exactly John did what he did, I can not figure out. The message of the movie, if any, was also very vague.

I like the songs a lot though. Especially 'Mere Sang'. I like the feel of the song. This Pritam guy's really cool, man. I mean, he copies the best of Taiwanese/Korean tunes and brings them to India.

Anyway, my mood has changed from aggressive, DAMN CONFUSED-can't figure out a thing, weird to normal, normally hungry, judging whether or not I'm in love with NNM(damn, his name is looong). So, yeah, I'm not going to elaborate any further on my point. There's no maggi. :( Toh, basically, Sunfeast Pasta ki Jai!!! Shit, I'm back to confused. Blue, Red, Green ya Orange??!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And now, John can hate me forever..

OK, I have to get this out!! I just saw 'the ugliest thing ever', a few days back!! No, it's not him in the pic. It's the ugliest I could find on google.

I was going to attend a class and I took the same route as always. But there it was! And I don't know why, but it seems to me that it could have been a ghost or a something else than a dog. It did not look real from any angle. It could NOT have been stray! He was way too 'fit' to let the other normal stray dogs survive!! No, it couldn't have been real! I only saw him once. What irks me more is that the next time I was passing the same place, I was with my mother and unconsciously pushed her to that side of the road..err..footpath where I saw him. I'd wanted to show her that there's always a solid reason for my a-tad-too-often bouts of hyper-activity and obssesive behaviour(!) as she calls it, and as usually happens with me, it wasn't there! I don't have proof. And fottuu? What are you talking about? Did I mention that it was the HUGEST too. With freakishly long legs (uh? limbs?)!!! And not even sexy ones, I tell you!! So, all I say is that it was, in fact, the ugliest, freakiest, spookiest, weirdest, umm..obnoxiousest? dog ever!!!

So this ugliest, weirdest thing ever turned out to be the patheticest too. I don't know why, but I can't seem to get the image of him (his proud stance and his dirty long greyish legs all dirty) out of my head! The moment I find something 'disgusting' , it's there in my head with all sorts of MS Powerpoint 2007 'custom animation effects' playing with it!

I've always been scared of dogs, unlike my brother who used to follow them around and cause my parents much trouble because they looked like his favourite 'bhediyas' in Mowgli pretty much. Then there came a time, when I started hating them from the core of my heart and when it became clear to me that they're all like Mojo Jojo(s). All they've ever wanted is to eat up all the humans alive so that they can rule the world. And trust me, guys, those who own dogs, tommy is going to eat you up and soon. You won't even live long enough to say "Et tu, Brute!". So much for your faith in their loyalty. Trust me, it's gonna happen and soon.

Karan Johar, who seems to have realized this is even making a movie called 'Koochie Koochie Hota Hai' with dogs as the main characters of the most amazing movie ever. As if all this butter-baazi with the dogs is gonna save him when his time comes.

They've made me weak and perpetually scared when out alone. My younger brother tells me to 'grow up'. My mother sees a little good in it since I only recite the 'Gayathri Mantra' full-speed when I see a dog. So, the Gods have conspired to keep sending them my way. Hmph.

But, worst of all, they've even made me vulnerable in not a good way. Some ten days back, I was standing outside my insitute at a photocopy shop to get a copy of the notes I'd missed taking since I was busy reading 'The Bridget Jones' Diary' in class. Enter dirty stray dog. They recognize my smell. And off I go with the super fast version of 'Gayathri Mantra' and the next thing I know, I'm suddenly trying to grab the arm of a guy friend I'd known for some 15 odd days and blabbering "listen..listen..listen.."... He's confused. Double Personality Syndrome? What? And then, as expected, bursts out laughing. Damn. I mean, damn. He didn't even have to work for it! THAT is what they've done to me. The bloody hounds.

If you've known me for more than a year, there are chances you might've heard THE story. The HATRED ORIGINS. The prequel. And there are chances you might have heard it more than you'd have liked.

So, I was 12 and I loved to bicycle which is exactly what I was doing when this particular black bitch (No, literally) thought it okay to block my way and just stand there and do nothing but stare at me. And I really don't know what I'd done to deserve this sorta behaviour. I mean, I never played with her children. Those pups were seriously gross. It wasn't them. They were born dogs and that's what they were destined to remain forever. She was known to be a mad one and all.

Like in all the other important stories, 'Maa' played an important role in this one as well. I remembered what my mother had advised me to do when I encounter such a situation and I did just that. I pretended to pick up a stone from the road. It had absolutely no effect on her. She was motionless, still staring and frankly, really scary. So, I tried the same technique again and again for some time till I ran out of patience and actually picked up a stone. No, I wasn't throwing it at her or something. I just picked it up. JUST THAT.

And I don't recollect who moved first but all of a sudden, I was running to save my life with my much faster, much stronger predator after me!!! God bless all the cacti plants outside my house for saving my life!! Because I fell straight into them and despite being the bitch (again, literally. I've given up abuses for good.) she was, she ran away. I don't know what exactly scared her more. The thorns adorning both my legs or those in the pots! Of course, I had to bear with the torture of a few tetanus injections here and there that my mother, who's a doctor, put me through using her universally-known supposedly-gentle-technique.

So spare me all dog-lovers. I don't buy your 'Kuch nahi kahega' attitude.

John recently mentioned in his HT City Column that he has developed hatred for a fellow female co-star(!) since the time she said something like "I WANT ALL THE DOGS KILLED...AAAAARGHHH!!!" because he's a true animal lover and supports animal rights and wears a PETA T-shirt cause it's pink and blah. Ah, whatever. I can be an actress too matlab 'cause I carry the same view!! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

WHY ME, WHY???!!!

:"((( I am dying to 'take light' 'just chill' post something on my meet up with all my friends that I haven't seen for ages who've now taken to abusing me because I'm the one who's always busy!!! Bwaaaaaaah. :"( . Everyone is having such a good time. Everyone. Damnnnnnnnn!!! I don't want to study. No. Not Financial Accounting, not Economics, not Business and Industrial laws. Not Anything. Not fair. Not fair. SO not fair. The good ones never have it good, do they? Enough of all my positivity already!! Enough of it. Enough of everything. I hate exams hate exams hate exams. HATE EXAMS.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


And ereeee it comes..when you thought it was all over!!


HAPPPAAAAAYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYY Aw.S.M.!!! You rock like none other!!!! \m/

Hey yo, this goes to DA MAYYN INDEED
Wannabe Wordsworth, to sarcasm, he's married!!
He's the Burj-Al-Arab guy, the duke of Dubaiieeee (Now, it rhymes!!)

To every other word, he adds an extra 'h'
He's got one in his name, it's the Kerala effect, I guess.

He'll crack a bad joke and go all buhaha
My Mugambo laugh, he steals. It is STILL, NOT buhahaha.

Can't swim, can't sing (hehe), yet in love with himself
Worships ManU, doesn't look much like an elf! (Can't break the rhyme, dude)

Everything he writes is so much from the heart :)
So smoothly does he rhyme, he's a "beeeeeauty" at the art! ;)

He's absolutely honest, will mince no words
Politically correct? He doesn't belong to that herd!

He's the Awesomest and the best looking person ever!
All this for using my "feel love" advice, you're clever!!

Our Mutual Admiration Society, I SO love!
Taureans DO RULE, we see the world from UP HERE, ABOVE!

Some dude's written him a poem, but, thank God (!), he still thinks straight,
Cause..else..I would've had to meet serious competition for getting SRK!

He's a Rajasthan Royal, yet owns a KKR Jersey (?)
His IDOL is WARNEY.. Hee Hee Hee..

Modesty ain't his game, fires PJs like an unstoppable cannon
What-ever people (wink) may say, he's the lovable, AWESOMETHING MENON!!

So..appy yappppayy Birthdayy..may your future hold gold!!
23, is it??? Shit man Bhaskar, you're old!! :P
(You've watched "Partner" right? LOL)

P.S.: What ARE you guys doing here, still?? GO wish Amith..go, go, goo..!!!

P.P.S.: To those of you who're still here, DO NOT make fun of my poem. Better not!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The BEST BIRTHDAYS....Keep em rolling, guys! =)

No more waiting guys 'cause Dr. Acula is here! Did I hear a "YAY"? Yes, I did!

Birthday's long gone. (It was on the 7th, btw. Set your reminders for next year!)..but the feeling's still there. That feeling..of being loved.

Listening to bands-I-can't-spell on my baby, my I-pod YEAH =) , am writing a post merely to show off and relive the day that was all about me. :) (Picture's coming soon to this post!)

First call. Best friend. "YAY! Haaaapyyy Birthdayyy!". "But, it isn't twelve yet! No, check the google time! Uhm, hold on..someone else is also calling." Other best friend. "HAPPPPPYY Birthdayy!!" "Oh hey! hold on..I'll just get back to you!" Best friend 3 goes "happppyyy birthdayyy!! Was I the first one??" First Bestfriend gets tired of holding and calls on landline. "I said it first!! I was first!!!" Best friend 2 again. "NOOOO, I was first.!!! Ye toh cheating hai!!"

Best friend from Japan calls, only to be kept on hold for 3 minutes and then to be called names (names="blank caller, is it ye?", someone else's name(TeeHee))

First cake-cutting of the day. Brother is relieved. After a tortorous evening of trying to keep his hands off her, fighting her tantalizing, born-out-of-a-cloud-of-fragrance fingers, trying to lead him to the forbidden fruit, the cake can finally be his lady. Oh, the sweet, sweet, chocolaty forbidden fruit. Pure magic created by Teh Mother's touch.

"If you find the gift, it's yours!"

Gift??? I said, NO GIFTS!!! I'm on my way to Nirvana. The Himalayas are waiting for me. You can not do this....N-O-O-O (slow motion)

I-poddddddddd?!!!!??!! Purrrrrrpleeee?? Yipeeeeeeeee.

"I'll be there for youuuu..." Where is phone?? "When it hasn't been a day..a week..a month or even a..." Where??? Oh, HERE!

200 shots 'o' rum afta.. (pirate language (fb), yo)

Purple hole, yeh. Oh, you remember?? :-) Blogger rocks!! Gift?? Another one???!!! GIFT???. God, why do I love gifts so much?! WHY? Make fun of my e-mail ID all you want. I just want the gift!! Poem?? Especially for me?? You rock, ye taurean me heartie (pirate, yo, again), ye besht twinnny(I-pod's all yours) !!!

Dizzy and drunk with all the love. "I love you sooo much" SMSes to all best friends. I will not cry. Not write diary. I will not cry. I am 20? Cool. (?) I will not cry.

OK, Can't sleep.

Surrrrrrrrrrpriiiiiseee!!!??? Not really, but still, I am SOOO SURPRIIIIISED!!!!!

(I did in fact invite em to my surprise party. The idea was original, yo. Bludy plagiarist movie-makers, I tell ye)

What??? More gifts??? "That is the cuuuuutest thing evaa!!!" P(r)etty Menakas have specially descended from heaven with the purpose of distracting Yo Vishwamitra from his meditation!! Humph.

Hours and hours of cutting cakes, jumping around, over-acting and discussing TV shows with wild iris-es (wink) later, the chocolate on my face still felt moist, the love, still fresh. As it does now, as I write this post.

What can I say? This is to thank you guys for making me feel so special. :)

And I stop here because, as people tell me, being mushy spoils my reputation a bit. ;-)

P.S.: Now, you may think I'm making too much out of just a birthday. Well, it is never just a birthday for me. Maybe, I cling to memories too much. But, hey, that's the way I am. :)

P.P.S.: My blog name may sound obscene (to some) and wannabe (to some other ones) and I louuve it. ;-) Crap sucks. Crap is what ye got here. Crap is what I post. Yeh got the message!

Update (18/05/2009): Konnichiwa all! Dr. Acula has a series of exams coming up and has realized the importance of 'undivided attention' that her studies need. Need..because she does not wish to make the examiners 'one of her own kind' (evil laugh). Not this time. So, Dr. Acula is off blogger (betta be) for a month. Dr. Acula sends love to all her readers.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello Hi chhodiye.

Let me start this on a good note so that you know that this post will come to an end just like all good things do. Hee hee hee. i made a new record by swimming from Pragati Maidan to India Gate non-stop!! Which basically means that i swam 30 lengths of the swimming pool without a stop and each length being 30 m, that makes it 30x30 m which comes out to be umm..900m? Yeah. That's pretty much the distance I'm talking about. If only we were in the Pandavas' era, still and Delhi was Indraprastha, still and submerged with water from Pragati Maidan to India Gate, still..

I hate to have people I know swim beside me. Because, you know, besides the fact that I'm a drown - swimmer, the one that always keeps the life savers on high alert, the swimming pool is my place. I don't want to socialise in there, for God's sake! Thanks to my father, now, I know this guy (who, BTW, is 28 but, looks 19. Yes, you're right, he is in fact, a twin. Not that I'm 28! No way!) and all the time I was trying to avoid saying Hi.

Coming to the point now. I can't believe myself. This is how tired I am of saying Hiiiiis, Heyyyyys and How ARE you?!?!(s) and making unnecessary small talks with people I don't care about or don't want to care about..ever.

Considering..that once upon a time, I really did believe that there is no evil. That everyone had good in them. I loved people. Everyone. And then came the realization of truth when I came to know the world as a gene pool highly adulterated with recessive, defective, selfish, hypocritical alleles. Shortly afterwards, I got the halo behind my head.

P.S.: Do you know you can get a sprain in the greater toe of your left foot? Take care.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The great Indian (hyper-extended) family.

She entered the restaurant with her not-so-much, yet-younger brother in tow. As she went ahead, carving her path through a sea of people, protecting her little (sneers) brother from the evils of the world, she almost had to do a Matrix to escape a well, let's say, a healthy Aunty wearing a vulgar over-sequined saree, who, in a fit of laughter (induced by vulgarly fat Uncle husband's joke), was falling over her unknowingly. She survived even as the Aunty gave her a threatening look on seeing the look of disgust on her face.

She was about to reach her table. Suddenly, her path was blocked by a couple of three year olds who were dragging a chair back and forth making screeching noises and another couple who were shouting cheers for them in a shrill, very shrill voice. The chalktrauma* made her want to pull her hair out, kick off the kids in different directions and retire to the Himalayas for-ever. But, she survived. Because all she could think of in that one moment was that why was it called 'back and forth' when 'forth and back' makes more sense because 'back' is when you come 'back' from 'forth'. Her therapy classes had really helped with her grave anger issues by teaching her how to divert her mind.

She sat on her chair, only to find that it wasnt't there. She fell, hurt. Fat aunty had borrowed the chair without asking if it was needed. She survived, still. She took it as a positive thing to have happened. It suddenly brought life into her lazy self. 'Art of the living' classes weren't a bad idea, after all.

She almost had laryngitis from having to shout at the top of her voice to be audible to her parents sitting across the table because a group of fat kitty-party aunties were so amicably fake-complimenting each other's sarees and just by-the-way bitching about their daughter-in-laws, their cacophonous, high pitched voices echoing through the hall (hell). She cursed them with the Swine Flu.

What can you say about an almost(still) 20 year old who survived?

That she loved people.

The Obnoxious, The Unbelievably Annoying and The Incredibly Stupid.

They never ceased to amaze her.

P.S.: 'She loved people' was an alternate title. But then, I decided to go with the 'family' one because I figured that to make an impactful speech, you've got to include the 'parivaar' feeling somewhere.

P.P.S.: Heh. I loved third person talk!! Weird..but, doing more of it for sure. :D

P.P.P.S.: I haven't taken any of those classes, just FYI.

*Chalktrauma (chawk' traw ma) - n. The body's reaction to someone running his fingernails down a chalkboard.
Source: Sniglets

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My thoughts become things!

My thoughts become things..

My thoughts become things..

My thoughts become things..

No, this is not me going crazy. This is me on the path of achieving every damn thing I want!! All I have to do is say this line over and over again to myself till the time I start believing in it. Yes!! I've just started reading this book.."The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It's been lying with me for a long time now but it wasn't until today that I found the time and more importantly, the will to read it. (It was gifted to my father to "enhance his powers". Teehee. My father has his set of fans. Me on top, of course.) I had to go on this long metro ride today and so, I kept it in my bag. I've just read through 17 pages and this book has so much of positive energy in it, I love it!!! Mostly because, crazy, insecure person that I am, it feels real good to have some reassurance once in a while. And this book promises me that I could achieve anything, like simply anything if only I tame my mind to focus on all the good thoughts and all the things I want to do and want to have. Which means I can be a film-maker/really rich person/writer/psychologist/have the guy of my dreams which well might be..err..ranbir kapoor/SRK/my own band with me as the lead singer and lots of other things I want so bad and all in this one life. That is SO COOL!! So, it wasn't bad to dream all these years, was it! Heeeheee..I wish..

As usual, when left alone for a long long time with no one to talk to, my Broca Motor's speech area is in a hyper-excited state right now and so, you can expect this post to be very long and verry random!

BTW, yes, SRK is forgiven. I just realized how much I love him and he's just SO ADORABLE!!! And, it happens..with everyone..everyone has weak moments. I just saw Mandira interviewing him like couple of minutes back on 'Extra Shots' and GAWD, those dimples!!! And I love everything about him..what he says, his super-rocking attitude - everything. I love you always and forever, Shahrukh. :) I am sorry. :(

Also, I love dada and I want to apologise to him too. I remember the time we met him in London, shopping in a Marks and Spencers store and how sweet he'd been to me and my brother and my parents. He's such a sweetheart!!! :) :)

AND I'm SO SO happy that KKR WON!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!! :D :D :D

Anyhoo, done with apologies and back to the randomness. So while I was sitting in the metro and reading the book, the girl next to me was obviously trying to read it too. I could totally see that from the corner of my eye and so, I decided to help her and positioned the book slightly more to her side. After all, no one should be deprived from knowing "The Secret" naa. And she turned out to be a twin. Like, another one!! Not an identical twin, of course. They are way too many to count. I've had people complaining to me about how rude I was to not wave back to them when they saw me at a party/another party/in a general store/near India Gate. DU-H. It wasn't me! I mean twin in the sense..she not only felt no shame in admitting that she was burrying her nose in my book, she even started discussing the subject of the book with me. Cool, na? Yes, I have this weird habit of spotting my twins. See, it's because I've started not liking people in general and then, when I do think someone is SO LIKE ME(!!!) and all..I say it. Of course, there's always the possibility of people running away from me, thinking me to be a crazy, love-deprived person or something. But, what the heck! I take chances on them. And I can judge them to be that person in the slightest of interactions. I've found two such people in real life and they're 'friends for life' now, as I pretty much expected the first time I met them. So, I'm not really that freaky person who just clings to every other person she likes. I'm actually a lot more psychic.

BTW, Delhi Metro is very well on the path of becoming the next DTC bus service. I mean, they stopped at Kashmere Gate for at least 8 minutes just to gather the maximum possible number of stinking, obnoxious passengers they could in that time.

I think I should really get a pepper spray. Those creepy self-defence workshops teach you the stupidest of stuff which is totally unpractical. I remember the time they came to our college and demonstrated how to get hold of a guy's hand, use it to turn him around violently, jab elbow into his stomach and then lift him up, only to throw him back down..if he tries to touch your hand with his while traveling in a DTC bus. Errrr?? My parents think I'll make all the men in Delhi go blind. Like I'm that mad!

I'm very happy because couple of days back, I really cheered up a friend who was feeling really depressed and alone. He's really a kind of happy-go-lucky rare variety of a guy and it was probably the first time ever that I've heard him so depressed. And it feels just great. Because it was done over yahoo chat and yet, I could make him ROFL. I think I'll be a great psychologist some day. If you're reading, I want to tell you that you're the sweetest guy ever and you simply rock!!! And you know I say stuff only when I really really mean it. :) :)

I just realized the number of times I've used really in that paragraph!

Today is the birthday of one such person who really influenced my life in a great way and taught me so much when I was so young. She was my middle school class-teacher. I miss her. I want to call her..but don't have her number. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY ANJU Ma'am!!!! :) :) You'll always be near the top of my favorite people list!!

Before you read the P.S. section, let me tell you that I'm not a mad person and that it was written way before SRK was forgiven, but could not be published because blogger was acting real slow. Or was it MTNL? Who cares?


You can go ahead now.

P.S.:-For the while that I'm not on talking terms with Shahrukh, I've found myself a new idol and I have a very valid reason to like him. "Zindagi Jhandawa, Fir bhi Ghamandwa". Yess Boss, you heard it right. If you think my faith in humanity is totally shaken and hence, this, you're wrong. I've started believing in it. Yups. And guess, what! this person is the Shahrukh of Bhojpuri films! Do I need say any more???

This is why.

The thing that most people missed out while defining 'friends' on Urban Dictionary is that they are the people who just love to annoy the crap out of you, especially if you are too honest about things. Well, some of them. Sometimes.

Some recent digs my friends made at (study-leave-)me included these:

"Whaaaa..?? Haahahaha..You are SUCH A NERD!!! Hahaha...Past six months you were working more than 50 hours a week in your..whatever you call it..your office and now you're studying more than 50 hours a day!!! Shit man."


F:Heyy!! I just called to check aren't drinking too much, are you??
I: What??!! I don't know that!!!
F: But, New year's..
I: COME ON NOW, that was just a sip! You're mad! Plus, you know I haven't the time to go out and have fun, really!!
F: Yeah..that's pretty much why I called!! Dev D..remember? People drink in depression!?
I: What??!! AARGH..I'm not depressed!! Shoo.!! Shoo..!! Shoooo!!!!


I: Hiiii!!!!! Long time yaar!!!! Sup??
Friend's friend: tell??
I: Nothing..padhai and all..on study leave..
FF: your life's in deep shit, eh?? *evil laugh*
I: If you insist...that is.


P.P.S.: My dreams are getting weirder day by day and also, a lot more symbolic. I want a sound sleep so bad. Hmph.

Update: I've removed the Ravi Kissen picture. He is just SO UGLY. Ugh. It was put up only to tease Shahrukh..but now that we're back together..Shoo. You have no place in my heart or on my blog.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I-Pee-Hell is SO ON!!

Even though I'm sure as hell that an evil someone is piercing holes in a Voodoo doll version of me at a point very close to the edge (the one to the left side of the arm if I keep it palm-up and to the right side if I keep it knuckles-up) of the elbow hinge of my left arm and a point in my head right above my right ear, I still believe in the existence of a divine superpower, jinhe hum pyaar se, God bolte hain.

I know he's watching me. My every move. I knew it three winks after my freak accident last week when I fell straight on my back and my head and the back side of my limbs and all things in between from a swing at 1.00 a.m. in the morning. Why I was having a nice time doing a Tarzan at the swings at 1 in the morning is remotely important in this context. That it happened within a moment of me uttering just-a-little bad something for someone really bad is what is important. And I swear that was what made me see God - if only for a second there, in a ring of birds, twittering and multi-colored stars, revolving, right above my head, smiling that 'I told you so!' smile, I can tell you he was there. Just FYI, he's got a makeover..nomore looks the way he used to in the Bruce Almighty times. (And YAY!! I got pictures!!! :D :D :D See below.)
It was right there and then that I fully realized the greatness of God eyes - that could see ALL, every damn thing and all, at every single moment. Watching you, they're judging you, calculating and updating your Karma index on god(t) mini-mini-mini second by mini-mini-mini second and sure as hell, clearing your accounts bit by bit. As my thoughts flew in the direction of Mr. Heisenberg and his uncertainty principle, it suddenly rang a bell as to why he could not accurately measure the momentum and position of an electron in motion at one single moment. Because, however much we may think of ourselves, we are, still, humans, petty earthlings.

You publicly insult Sunil Gavaskar, an elder, apart from being one of the greatest cricketers in the history of Indian cricketers and even though you may have been one of the biggest idols of someone with a heart as pure as pure pasteurized milk for a very very very long time, payback is coming after you. And payback is a biatch, as we very well know. Your very own cricket team may ditch you on the field and bad. Your only two chances at scoring runs - Chrissy baby and Sir Mc Cullum may be out and about in no time. Your almost-captain dada may oh-so-unpredictably(NOT!!) get out in his most favorite caught-behind-the-wicket way, leaving you thinking why he wasted that many balls when that's all he could really end up doing. Howzzat??! Worse, you may even lose by eight wickets to last season's BIGGEST LOSERS in your very first match of I-Pee-Hell 2009!

Kal kya hoga kisko pata....

(To be continued...)

P.S.: I'm still a Shahrukh fan somewhere deep deep deep deep deep down..He just deserves this kinda spanking for his most recent slip-up!


P.P.P.S.: Damn!! My head!! Just hit the this Voodoo doll thing is driving me crazy!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I can't sleep!! And yes, for those who have doubts, I do sleep!! Not the mosquitoes this time. No sir, they've well been taken care of by ALL-OUT (with extra MMR). It is that time of the year again when I'm reeeeally missing Rahul, the guy who does the annual servicing of our Air Conditioners! But, it's not that either!

My sleep has been broken!!!! I hate sleep-breakers!!! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!! Cause you don't want what happens next...But, you've've just hit the right button..and it's know that..


I've been hit by blank calls!! I mean, for God's sake, it was okay during the day..but 1:30 in the morning..Grr..PEOPLE SLEEP DAMMIT!! Go, go!!..tell all your bat friends about it!!

If this is the same sick person who, not long ago, pledged to mess with my peace of mind,"Tsch Tsch" for falling to such levels"!!!! SLEEP BREAKING??? You are sure going to bloody bloody HELL, dude!! Also, "Uh, Uh!" ain't even close! Know why?

I was tempted to put this particular number up here..but, guess what, I'm not that mean, evil, mad, deranged, out-of-his/her-mind-person that you are, I?

So..GO!! Whoever you are..I set you free!!

I forgive..and yeah, that was my peace of mind speaking for me!! HELL YEAH, I'm a Taurean and I'm hard. You hit me harder and you'll bounce off to undiscovered universes, I promise ya.


It is about time that the world saw the birth of GOD yet again..Evil people need to die and soon.



P.S.:- Blank calls?? I mean reeeally..!! They're so out of fashion. Haven't you heard...missed calls are the new blank calls!!

P.P.S.: Zohan is me.


Wow..I'm yawning! See how forgiving I am?

Monday, April 13, 2009

ALL about handbags!

"Kuch khaas hai...kuch khaas hai...Kya yehi pyaar hai(?)..Kya yehiiiiii pyaaaaaar haaiii!!! Pyaar hai..shaayad! Ok, I'll just call up Gerard and tell him 'm in love with someone else!"

"So, she's hot, huh?? No no, I'm not talking about my bike (who's a female, FYI) in some freak-ish manner..calling it my first love!! I'm in love with handbags!! I'm obsessed!! Hope Bips won't mind...She was cool with the bikes, you know!! "

"WHAT??!! Did you say handbags?? Yes, I want them..I'm drooling all over em already!! Jaane Tuuu...yaaa Jaane Naa..*chokes and dies*"

"Yeah, I usually write great stuff...but this week, I just can't think of anything other than handbags!! Okay, don't still have the Sanghvi-licious Veer Sanghvi's article on "Rude Food" to read about!!"

"WoW!!!! I'm puking handbags!!!! AWESOMENESS..."

- - - - Extracts from the personal diaries of Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Imran Khan, Seema Goswami and Siya (in that order).

(Click on the links to read their articles!)

P.S.: is yet to upload John's and Seema Goswami's column!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My day in the sun.

I wake up in the morning
And enter the shower
I step out of the bathroom
Only after an hour

I'm drunk on music
I'm smelling of flowers
I'm so full of ideas
Oh, how I love to shower!

I put on my new clothes
There's nothing like pink!
I love the way I look
I give the mirror a wink

It's a great hair day
I let them hang loose
My birthday's in May
Cool, it's getting close!

Humming a love song...
I'm lost
"You're taking so long!!"
"Mumma, don't be so cross!!"

Kajal and Lip gloss
"Mom! I'm almost done!"
Shoes and socks
And I'm out in the sun!

A hip, a hop, a hippety-hop
Today's gonna be my day!
A hip, a hop, a hippety-hop
Hey world, I'm the Deejay!


My tee is pink no more
My voice hath gone sore
I can't see..what's in my eye!
Oh, I gonna die?

Sweat, dust, sweat, dust
Why, GOD?? WHY???
I'm tanned, I'm graveled!!
I'm brave, I'm not gonna cry!!

The sun hath no mercy
But, where's the ozone layer?
Oh, wait..that's gone
If only I'd have cared!

They've dug wire graves
all round the city
They say underground wires
will improve connectivity.

Waiting.. the graves are puking dust all around
The wire corpses ditched
..for some never come..
Or was it MCD who broke a promise? Hounds!
And so went my day in the sun..

P.S.: If you were looking for a message in the poem (I prefer to call it a song), I'm sorry, there is none. Just a bad day. X(

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't be miss India?? Insane!! X(

Since the time I was six-ish, I SO DESPERATELY wanted to be Miss Universe. I know one has to be Miss India first. But still! I had this HUGE collection of all the photos of Indian Beauty Queens that appeared in Newspapers, magazines, anywhere which my mum eventually made me throw away while clearing stuff in my room..I don't throw stuff you know..But that's besides the point! The main point is, Imagine my shock when I just discovered two minutes back that even to be a petty "mystique Miss NCR 2009", the eligibility criteria for sending in photos is that you should be 5"3 or taller!! THAT SUCKS!! Even though, I don't really want to be a beauty queen now..not that I can't be (:P)..Does this mean, short people are worthless..not worthy of representing India at an international platform?? Especially..since Indians are not Australians..we aren't very tall in general!! Tell you what, stupid beauty queen contests, it's just the other way round, the shorter ones are way smarter than the taller ones. I have no reason of saying that and it may make no sense to you at all..but It's MY BLOG!! And as a sign of protest, I'm not watching the crowning ceremony that'll be aired tonight for the first time since I was six-ish! Boo.

OMG!! This sucks!! No, I suckk!!

Shit, I've been on the net all day.. and I'm supposed to be studyin! Just not feeling like it..

Anyway, thank you janta for all your opinions!! Shit, the comment part..I DON'T KNOW what to do to fix it!! I suck at these things!! So..I guess there's a curse..I can never get a new template..

Let it be this one only for a while..till the time I figure out what to do!

The reason I'm back here..I just had a very very narrow escape.. Since my mum called two hours ago to tell me that the MAD Surd electrician is coming home to fix a couple of things..I was like NOO!! Because this man..I tell you..he's a nightmare..! Some people..they have this overwhelming ability to dominate feel they own every bit of land they step's scary!! He's a MAD man..and a really funny mad man!! He's just blabbering out stuff..and he's going on and on and on and on and on!!!! Now that my dadi has taken over..talking to him..I'm free!! yipppeee!!More on this later..

Gotta!! :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

100 things I know about me :P

Okay FINALLY do I get to do it (Since I've already done all the boring things boring bored people do for fun - updating my picture collage-have added pictures of Tom Cruise and Jaycee Chan to it! I'm so boring prouda it. He he :D ) ..Tadaaaaa.....My first tag!!!! Isha !!!! Thank you so much girl for tagging me !! :) :D

1. Last drink: Ice cold water to check whether or not I'm in a dream. Have slept so much today..the delusion won't go. ;-) No, that was just to shake myself outta sleep.
2. Last phone call :My besht friend since class second! Probably wanted to tell me about another guy who asked her out. Has been happening a lot these days! Engineering students are such despos, I tell you. :P I told her to let me sleep in peace. Hehe..sorry yaar.
3. Last text message: Last one I got was from an unknown number and I know who it who's taken upon himself to disturb my peace of mind as a challenge. Such a sucker! Doesn't know I know. Not happening, dude.
4. Last song you listened to: 'She will be loved' by Maroon 5 on Amith's blog. God, I love the song!
5. Last time you cried: Right after I wrote my last post. Don't ask why.

6. Dated someone twice:No.
7.Been cheated on? No.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? No. *Yawn*
9. Lost someone special? Not really.
10. Been depressed? Um. *clearing her throat* DUH!!
11. Been drunk and threw up? No. *Yawns some more*

12. Purple. D-UH.
13. Blue.
14. Pink. D-UUH.
15. Black.

16. Made new friends: Um, sorry? Which time period is this exactly referring to?
17. Fallen out of love: Ditto what Isha said. ;)
18. Laughed until you cried: Not really...tears are only an expression of sadness or anger in my case..
19. Met someone who changed you: In a great way, Shimak Davar!!! Have feet will dance. Went from an all-time football playing tomboy to little miss dancing shoes! :D :D :D
20. Found out who your true friends were: :) Yep.
21. Found out someone was talking about you: Yeah. It's seriously so much fun..having people bitch about you. Haha.

22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Heh. I like this tag.
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: All of em!
24. How many kids do you want to have: Two.
25. Do you have any pets: No. I hate pets and dogs and all animals!!! Ughh.
26. Do you want to change your name: i LOVE my name!! I love myself!! Muhahahaha(Mugambo laugh)
27. What did you do for your last birthday: Started with me crying about turning 19 ..and writing a long crib entry in my personal diary. Then, had a very pleasant surprise visit by a really close friend!! Had lots of awesome chocolate cake and..bought myself a pretty bag from dilli-haat!
28.What time did you wake up today: 9.00 a.m.
29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Playing Word Challenge on Facebook. :D
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: My studies to get over!!!!
31. Last time you saw your father: Couple of hours back.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I could stop talking about all the things I WANT to do and start doing them! stop being lazy.
33. Most visited web page: - all the games - 'word challenge' and 'guess the sketch'!! Gosh, I'm SO addicted!

34. Name: Not giving that away yet. Siya for you! ;-)
35. Nicknames: Hehe..that would clearly give away my name!
36. Zodiac sign: Taurus
37. Male or female or transgender: Female
38. Elementary:Too much information!
39. School: Delhi Public School, RKP. Yes, the infamous one. Proud as I am, couldn't skip this one!
40. Colleges: Um, since it would take a lot to explain, let's skip it!
41.Hair color: Black. Ah, I love my hair!
42. Long or short: If I stretch my arm to go over my shoulder on to my back, I can touch the end of them with my fingertips. Is that long?
43. Height: 5 feet one(and a half) inch. And yet, I could ring all the bells in the mandir I visited today. I love the mandir! I love myself! Muhahahahahahahaha(Mugambo khusssh huaa!)
44. Do you have a crush on someone? Ranbir Kapoor!!! Man, is he hawwt!! *wicked smile*
45. Ever been in love? Um, I think so.
46. Piercings? Two on either ear.
47. Tattoos? N-ah. I hate needles (and injections)!!!
48. Righty or lefty: Righty
49. First surgery: That must be the one on my gums/tooth. Damn milk teeth that were so much in love with me, they won't go and damn permanent teeth that won't come down the gums and damn the braces and damn the dentist. Btw, grossest thing ever, I could actually see the surgery being done on my gums..all the blood coming out..and.. *pukes* *recovers*. The dentist had a mirror on the ceiling!
50. First piercing: Read 46.
51. First best friend: Aditi Bhatia. Where are you, girl? I wish I could find you!
52. First sport you loved: Cricket!!
53. First pet: Read 25.
54. First vacation: I think it was Agra or something. I've seen these pics with reeeeally cute me in front of Taj Mahal. I love me! :D
55. First concert: Hrithik Roshan!!!!! Wow, that was the awesomest thing ever...I still was right after Kaho Ha Na Pyaar Hai and Hrithik Roshan had suddenly beome the heartthrob of the nation!!! And, my friend(read 2.) was SO obsessed..she wanted Hrithik and Amisha Patel to marry!! Hehe.
56. First crush: I've told you about it already!

57. Eating:Nothing. Do I look like a monster?
58. Drinking: Nothing.
59. I'm about to: hang Mr. Spiderman upside down so that I can kiss him when he takes his mask down. Muhahahaha. Sorry, I'm in a drunk mood and that was a joke. I don't kiss dummies. Muhahahaha. But I can.
60. Listening to: My brother talking to one of his stupid friends and his sister. He's SO stupid!! OMG. ROFL. He's trying to fool his friend's sister..telling her that I'm in class 1 or something..that he has a baby sistah. LMAO..Now he's telling her that my boyfriend is in third class or something..OMG he's so mad and SO SO vella, I tell you!!! Shit.
61. Waiting for: My brother to hang up on his friend and play Jazz Jack Rabbit with me! Kya hai..!! @#$%

62. Want kids? Very much!! Hehe..I have it all planned out. They're going to be the best kids ever!!
63. Want to get married?Totally..but only when I want to. Read 64.
64. Careers in mind? Chartered Accountancy , if I ever reach to the end of this long, long tunnel! After I get the degree, I'll earn lots of money in two years and will go to the US to study psychology. Where, btw, I'll also meet my dream guy. We'll marry and come back to India after the course is over. I'll be a psychologist and help people out with their troubles. Short term goal.

65. Lips or eyes: Eyes...(T&C: The lips aren't too bad)
66. Hugs or kisses: Hugs..I'm a big fan!
67. Shorter or taller: Taller..would complement me.
68. Older or Younger: Older. I'm really old-fashioned.
69. Romantic or spontaneous: Both?
70. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach.
71. Sensitive or loud: Loud..and hyper-excited ..Really really fun to be with!! I hate the sissy types..and that's all you get these days! Uff, recession!! (Hehe..I read this somewhere..Blaming everything wrong in your life on recession is a good way not to be depressed!) and He can still be sensitive inside (and and when required)!!
72. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship. D-uh.
73. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker!

74. Kissed a stranger: Dude, no! Hadn't you already guessed?
75. Lost glasses/contacts: Never got glasses. Love myself!!! 6/6 vision, baby.
76. Broken someone's heart: Uh, kind of. Am still dealing with the curse it put upon me.
77. Had your own heart broken: Kind of. Told you. The curse works, man, it does!
78. Been arrested: No.
79. Turned someone down: Yeah. (The person who's made this tag is totally psychic!)Well, that's what the curse is all about..kinda! He wasn't that bad, you know..I wish he wouldn't have asked in front of so many people..and even though he was lame, I wish I wouldn't have blurted out the next thing that came to my head..which was obviously an insult!
80. Cried when someone died: When Marissa died. :(
81. Liked a friend that is a girl? In a totally non-lesbian way, all. Du-h. Why would I be friends with someone I don't like!

81. Yourself:Mostly
82. Miracles: Not much.
83. God: Very much.
84. Love at first sight: Kind of. *blushes*
85. Heaven: Yeah. I was in it a while ago..having the best chocolate truffel cake in the world! Muhahaha. Only the apsaras were missing. But then, I'm not much into girls.
86. Santa Claus: Heehee, totally! Santa, if you get gifts for me, I will, I promise!
87. Kiss on the first date? Not really. Unless the guy's like..Ranbir Kapoor or something!
88. Angels: Apsaras only.
89. Devils: Nae. Yamraj, though. I saw this movie with Jitender in it when I was small..and Yamraj was like the coolest person!

90. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Nah.
91. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? RIGHT!! Whatever.
92. Wanted to kill someone ever? Lots of times.
93. Among you blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? Dude, I just got here.
94. Committed a blunder and regretted later? ALL THE TIME.
95. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? Uhh..No comments.

96. White: Don't have much white. Um, yeah..the white three fourths I'm wearing in my DP.
97. Black: A long, really pretty black top I just got..makes me look so slim!
98. Red: A cool short Bossini T-shirt.
99. Pink:A long kurti I recently got. Love it!
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? Another lame question?

I don't know many people here. And I don't know if they'll ever visit my blog to find this post. And yet, I'd like to tag Dreamer with a distinct vision, Anurag (I know you hate tags. Muhahaha. Mugambo laughs again!), Mads, Rahul and A Sawan.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Bleh Post.

Exams are still far. And I wonder when they'll finally end! I mean whatever in hell was I thinking..going from being a Biology expert (self-acclaimed) to finally making up my mind to doing this. Now, all I have to do is to start ALL over again from the basics of the new set of subjects I have picked up for myself to bring myself at par with my counterparts, who, lucky or not, were NOT a confused mass of protoplasm that could not bring itself to decide what it really wanted to do, neither could stick to choices made earlier. Hmph.

I'm so bored, I could compete for the Guinness Book Title for the 'Most Bored Person', if there is one. Is there?

And the lazy one too. I can't bring myself to go out for a jog, even though, thanks Mom, but I do realize that I've already gained back 2 of the 4 kilos I lost a month before. The so-called great-crier is too lazy to cry even.

I miss my normal hyper - excited self. My inner-self is so much at calm, it's beginning to irritate my inner-inner-self. I don't crib, don't shriek the loudest shriek when I find my brother coming out of nowhere, trying to scare me with a "Boww!" (As in, you know, cow says 'Moo', dog says 'Bow-Wow'. I think it's more of a Bhaoowww--oooo--ooooowwww in life out of nursery kids' "Who says what" book.) because he doesn't do that anymore. Apparently he's too grown up for that. I'm not mad at anyone. I don't want to let anyone die a dog's death, kutte ki maut, you know. Also, as much as I love Shah rukh and as much as I'll miss seeing him cheering Kolkatta Knight Riders play in Feroz Shah Kotla grounds, I'm not banging my head against the hardest wall OR crying OR plotting whoever-decided-to-have-no-IPL-in-India's murder. I'm just sad. It's a shame though that we can't have security for both the Elections and IPL.

Got my hair cut yesterday. And the best compliment I got was from a random guy from my coaching class who, addressing his friend, random guy 2 from coaching class, said something that went like - "Yaar ye toh galat baat hai. Ladkiyon ko kuch bhi pehnado, smart hi lagti hain!" as I passed by. Bleh. Can't deny the sudden urge to turn around and tell him in-his-face it was the hair, not the clothes, dammit!

My Income Tax teacher stopped me on my way back to tell me how sure he was that I could easily achieve a good rank in my tests in November if I studied well. I hate pressure of performance.

The cute guy next door (the five-year old one) finally gave up his act of being a self - absorbed, snobbish little kid and waved back at me for the first time ever! I don't think he talks.

No one called up to wish me on my 20th birthday. Damn it, my very own parents even won't wish me. Because..I was 20 years old and that is why, no one wanted to have me in their lives anymore. These dreams are bloody sucking (extra emphasis on the 'k') dreams that really don't have any meanings, you know. I wish I could have that dream in which I was Krisshh just one last time.

I've lost my 'Company and Compensation Laws' book. And as each day passes, I gain more and more inspiration to invent that 'Google machine/robot' that knows everything, can answer all questions. I could feed in the particulars of my book then and it could find it for me.

I'm more distracted than ever. I just DON'T want to study. And I don't want to go to my parents asking for help as I already know what they'll say. Meditation, Pranayam, Blah.


Wow!! That was my first extreme reaction in days!

P.S.: Do shut off all lights in support of the Earth Hour today for one hour - 8.30 to 9.30 p.m.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sinful eating and cheap video games - HEAVEN

Every inch of my body is a cramp. And although this trip was supposed to make me all fresh and new so that I can jump into the battlefield with my Gladiator sword once again to fight stupid Income Tax Act, stupid accounts and all those stupid subjects that have a tendency to get me into the self-pity mode on and off, I haven't felt groggier in months. Argh..PAIN!

No denying the awful lot of fun I had..that got me into this!

Yay!! So I went to Shimla..for the ninth time for a three and half day trip.. Why I've been to Shimla so many times is another story - will explain later. Important thing is, it still remains one of my most favorite places in the world. No one ever gets why I like the Mall Road of Shimla so much! So this dedicated to my dream place..Simla (or Shimla..whatever!) and all the things I love about it!

It's cold.

It's so close to Delhi.

The hills are adorable. Can just keep looking at them forever.

Ek rupay wali VIDEO GAMES!!

Thoda Panga ho gaya. Thanks to inflation, they are now - Do rupay wali VIDEO GAMES!! Hmph. X(. But then, everyone still calls Bengaluru Bangalore!

Anyway, this video game parlour on the Mall still remains the cheapest there ever was! I can easily spend a day there. Plus, turns out, Himachalis are not really good at video games. I mean if I could easily hit the High Score in Mustafa..that counts for something, right? :D


Kurkej, which may seem like a weird name for something that sells at a bakery is just that. It's an invention of Krishna Bakers which stands right on the Mall Road (and has awesome pastries too!). Could not get a picture. You can guess why. Kind-of Vegetable Kebab-ish with three awesome sauces. Sets the showers in my mouth going.


Although we have them everywhere now..Softies were an invention of the hill-stations. It's still more fun to have a softy on a hill-station than anywhere else.


(click on the image for a better view.)


Cafe Sol is this awesome place (Cafe, duh) which is a part Hotel Combermere. Apart from the awesome interiors (It's all blue at night and orange-yellow in the day), this place serves really good Mexican and Italian food at prices way cheaper than anywhere in Delhi! Also, cute waiters. ;) omg..I want to go back!


Honey Hut is this small, really cute Cafe at the Mall where every sweet thing they sell has honey in it in place of sugar. Thank God, they spared the sandwiches though. I'm not a big fan of honey like Papa is. But the Honey softy and Honey-Tomato Soup actually tasted great when I pretended there's no honey in it.

And..Tadaa...Here it comes...The new thing this time for me was -


Here we come to the part that got me all cramped and half-dead. The only way I can connect with Bella of Twilight is her balance problems. I've had them since I was a little kid. My scars from various accidents while cycling/running/cycling/standing straight, right before the great fall (out of shock - when the dog came running)/playing football etc. back then are still there.

But when I saw kids half my age skating like professionals..I thought - Who the hell cares!! And..WOW!! I was flying, if the skating rink was a sky..! Like a true champ.. All those skating lessons that I took some 10 years back were suddenly afresh in my mind - bend over, step and skate, move the hands - everything!

.."woohooooo..I'm going to Commonwealth, 2010!!!"..

..And you know what happened after that. I fell with my body twisted in every awkward angle possible. (stop picturing it!!)

And bad as it was, I went on and on ..had 7 more falls in 45 minutes (My brother was counting, ass!)

I'm thinking of continuing this..after my exams..if they ever get over! I finally have a sport I like.

Overall, my trip rocked as usual! :D

There are more things to tell. But I gotta study!

Hum hain rahi pyaar ke..Fir milenge chalte chalte..! ;D

Friday, March 13, 2009

How's that even possible!

Caller: Hullo, hullo..Is this your number??

I: Um, yes.

Caller: But, it's mine!!!

I: Whaaa..? Hah..It's my number!!

Caller: You know, it's mine and now, it's yours too!

I: How's that even possible?!?

Caller: When did you get this number??

I: Some five months back. Why?

Caller: Because I had this number..then I gave it to an acquaintance in Bombay and did not use it for six months. Now, I've got a SIM for the same number and had given it to my family in Tamil Nadu..Although I haven't activated the SIM in my phone yet..And my family, they say that whenever they call, the ring goes but, no one picks up..So I decided to call up myself to check..what's up!

I: (Bombay...Tamil Nadu...Uh, Ohkay..) But, I can't help you,'s my number now..

Wonder what's up!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pichhle das dinon mein...

I really think I deserve this, after trying to "abstain" from the internet the last ten days - especially trying to stay away from my new-born, my blog! Oh, I missed you.

Yeah, so I was studying, trying to rebuild my once all-evasive will power. I tried so hard to keep all the random train-of-thoughts that my mind keeps boarding on and off, especially while I'm studying. And, I was almost successful. And yet, this post is dedicated to all the totally random thoughts that floated in and out of my thinking space the last ten days.

You guys suck man! :
Horrible, horrible things never stop to happen in or around our neighborhood. I mean shooting 5 Sri Lankan players while they were on way to the stadium to play cricket!! I was like shocked outta my wits!! My first reaction to the news almost gave a heart-attack to my grandmom! I was so shocked and disgusted at these people. We're helpless. They come, attack us and go. We can't even do anything about it. It's sad. What's sadder though, is that the Pakistani Government, as very well expected by me, won't even accept the blame for the shootings that took place in their own country in the beginning!! Impossible people.

The radio was on and there were listeners calling in to share their pretty violent with anger views as soon as the word of the incident spread around. There was a person who said something like "If it had been Dhoni or Sachin or someone- I swear to God, I would have killed them!!". Totally man, totally. I would have gone with you!

I surprise myself! : I'm SO happy with myself lately! I finally got over my phase of depression and constantly thinking 'I'm so lonely and I'm so sad' and am back to the original me! I did not even blame the whole world this Sunday because my plan of going out with my friends to some place nice did not materialize. A little secret. I pep talk myself. ;) . Go girl!! :)

The scrubs Guy rocks!!: I've been watching Scrubs lately with my breakfast and lunch-alone breaks. I love the show. Apart from my interest in Biology, it's funny to the core. No strings attached - types. Zach Braff is like..LOL. I love his character J.D. for momentarily stopping to daydream and switching to talk-to-self mode even when others are waiting for a response from him! I mean the guy's awesome. :D

I want I-pod nano 8GB SO desperately now!! Only problem is, I don't have the time to research and find out the best price I can get it at. Hmph.

Look who's here!!!: I LOVE JACKIE CHAN!! I do. I love him like...LOVE him!! And now, Jaycee Chan is here!! Woohoo. Go son!! Make Daddy proud!! Waiting as hell for "The Invisible Target"!! OMG..He's soo cuuute!! And, he likes Indian movies and wants to do Bollywood numbers with all the dance and music and colours!! Best thing, he thinks Indians must be a happy lot because of the kind of songs in our movies! :)

P.S.: He thinks Mallika Sherawat is down to earth and that gives him the impression that all Indians must be like that!! ROFLMAO.

P.P.S.: Isn't he a total copy of Jackie Chan?!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

On why Blogger is so slow.

I don't know. But it sucks BIG time!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gawd! 20?

Well, (yay! I broke the "Okay" jinx) my 20th birthday is almost 2 months away. 20, damn it!! Okay (And, here I go again. *sigh*), please don't take me wrong here, but, 20!! Ain't that old?? I mean, it's the beginning of the downhill journey as far as health is concerned as they say. It's the beginning of laugh lines and wrinkles and black spots and pains in the asses (read: responsibilities, real-grown-up behaviour) and the end of -"I'm just a teenager-I'm supposed to be like this" or "I can't concentrate on my studies because I'm suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), you see..which is a pretty common adolescent problem. Absolutely normal." - excuses, stuff toys and barbie dolls as birthday presents (That was a pun. Seriously, I'm so not gonna miss that one!) and lame jokes.

Now, that is why I never wanted to turn 19!! Because after 19 comes 20, then 30 and then 45!!
OMG! Almost 5 years from now, I might even be married!

Anyway, it's not something I can change, right? So, here are things that I want to change about me (with effect from my 20th birthday):

1. I weel finish my home-work on ta-eem: Remember when you were small, in 5th grade and you purposefully forgot to finish your home-work and your teacher made you write this line with your tiny little hands over 100 times? Well, my teacher left long ago. But she left a substitute - the scruples of my conscience. So, I'm going to do everything I know I should do, and yet, I don't because I'm plain lazy and I'll do everything on time.

2. Lessen the amount of cribbing and self-pitying: Okay..I mean..I'll try. Really, I will.

3. Waste lesser time on the internet: Of course, this is subject to T&C (Read: This applies only when I'm not depressed and have better things to do).

4. Ah, whatever!: Okay, I'm really tired of listing this now!