Monday, May 11, 2009

The BEST BIRTHDAYS....Keep em rolling, guys! =)

No more waiting guys 'cause Dr. Acula is here! Did I hear a "YAY"? Yes, I did!

Birthday's long gone. (It was on the 7th, btw. Set your reminders for next year!)..but the feeling's still there. That feeling..of being loved.

Listening to bands-I-can't-spell on my baby, my I-pod YEAH =) , am writing a post merely to show off and relive the day that was all about me. :) (Picture's coming soon to this post!)

First call. Best friend. "YAY! Haaaapyyy Birthdayyy!". "But, it isn't twelve yet! No, check the google time! Uhm, hold on..someone else is also calling." Other best friend. "HAPPPPPYY Birthdayy!!" "Oh hey! hold on..I'll just get back to you!" Best friend 3 goes "happppyyy birthdayyy!! Was I the first one??" First Bestfriend gets tired of holding and calls on landline. "I said it first!! I was first!!!" Best friend 2 again. "NOOOO, I was first.!!! Ye toh cheating hai!!"

Best friend from Japan calls, only to be kept on hold for 3 minutes and then to be called names (names="blank caller, is it ye?", someone else's name(TeeHee))

First cake-cutting of the day. Brother is relieved. After a tortorous evening of trying to keep his hands off her, fighting her tantalizing, born-out-of-a-cloud-of-fragrance fingers, trying to lead him to the forbidden fruit, the cake can finally be his lady. Oh, the sweet, sweet, chocolaty forbidden fruit. Pure magic created by Teh Mother's touch.

"If you find the gift, it's yours!"

Gift??? I said, NO GIFTS!!! I'm on my way to Nirvana. The Himalayas are waiting for me. You can not do this....N-O-O-O (slow motion)

I-poddddddddd?!!!!??!! Purrrrrrpleeee?? Yipeeeeeeeee.

"I'll be there for youuuu..." Where is phone?? "When it hasn't been a day..a week..a month or even a..." Where??? Oh, HERE!

200 shots 'o' rum afta.. (pirate language (fb), yo)

Purple hole, yeh. Oh, you remember?? :-) Blogger rocks!! Gift?? Another one???!!! GIFT???. God, why do I love gifts so much?! WHY? Make fun of my e-mail ID all you want. I just want the gift!! Poem?? Especially for me?? You rock, ye taurean me heartie (pirate, yo, again), ye besht twinnny(I-pod's all yours) !!!

Dizzy and drunk with all the love. "I love you sooo much" SMSes to all best friends. I will not cry. Not write diary. I will not cry. I am 20? Cool. (?) I will not cry.

OK, Can't sleep.

Surrrrrrrrrrpriiiiiseee!!!??? Not really, but still, I am SOOO SURPRIIIIISED!!!!!

(I did in fact invite em to my surprise party. The idea was original, yo. Bludy plagiarist movie-makers, I tell ye)

What??? More gifts??? "That is the cuuuuutest thing evaa!!!" P(r)etty Menakas have specially descended from heaven with the purpose of distracting Yo Vishwamitra from his meditation!! Humph.

Hours and hours of cutting cakes, jumping around, over-acting and discussing TV shows with wild iris-es (wink) later, the chocolate on my face still felt moist, the love, still fresh. As it does now, as I write this post.

What can I say? This is to thank you guys for making me feel so special. :)

And I stop here because, as people tell me, being mushy spoils my reputation a bit. ;-)

P.S.: Now, you may think I'm making too much out of just a birthday. Well, it is never just a birthday for me. Maybe, I cling to memories too much. But, hey, that's the way I am. :)

P.P.S.: My blog name may sound obscene (to some) and wannabe (to some other ones) and I louuve it. ;-) Crap sucks. Crap is what ye got here. Crap is what I post. Yeh got the message!

Update (18/05/2009): Konnichiwa all! Dr. Acula has a series of exams coming up and has realized the importance of 'undivided attention' that her studies need. Need..because she does not wish to make the examiners 'one of her own kind' (evil laugh). Not this time. So, Dr. Acula is off blogger (betta be) for a month. Dr. Acula sends love to all her readers.


Creation said...

Well, this crap (if that's what you call it) is sure funnay (yes.. that's a funny with an A)!!!

Belated happy birthday!!!


Creation said...

right.. i was the first (YAYY!!)

and i ended up publishing the same comment thrice..

I soooo hate blogger sometimes!!

neeraj_only said...

may this "bubbly-girl" always remains like this.....when i come to your blog i have different smile on my face....i know i am here to know know real bubbly girlie....

kept on smiling ..reading this blog entry.

Anurag said...

Why Would somebody write Pakau on a B'day Cake :D...Your Nice-Name :D :D .....

I would be happy if my b'day wd be half as good as your was....Itni exciting post thi ki kuch cheezein excitement mein samjh hee nahin aayee :D

But anyways ...Birthday wishes once Again :)

Anurag said...

I meant *Nick-Name .... :P :P

peter said...

belated happy b'day :D
your b'day sounded fun ....and hey welcome to No-more-a-teen club :P

Hopeless Romantic said...

belated happy birthday :)

enjoy ...nice post :)


Chronicwriter said...

belated wishes for this year..

advanced wishes for next year..

my niece had her birthday on 8th...


Arnab Majumdar said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!

:D Hope you had a blast... from the post, it was quite evident that you did.. :P

And dude... you are nuts about Purple!! That quality of yours really stands out, dunnit?? hehe...

Enjoy the gifts... Belated Happy Birthday again, Cheers...

Dream'R said...

haha...yeah it does spoil ur rep but it aint that bad..hehe.

Best friend from japan bhi..hehe..wah wah...very popular!! ;-)

Wow...8 gb i-pod is kool but some1 wrote a poem for thats wayy kooler ;-)...i wonder who that wonderful person is..;-)

Oh and btw twinny ke saat share karogi? u crazy?..!! woh khaa legi i-pod!!

and pakau!!...hehe...wah wah...if ever a nick suited u..that def is it..u should change dr acula to pakau..;-)

oh and one more wasnt some1 yayying that u heard, was some street dog whinning..;-)..buhahahaha


Taureans rule!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Happy Belated Birthday =)

bondgal_rulz said...

Hiii Dr.Acula...nahhhhh!!! Pakaau :P he he

Well you did hear the YAY alright, but no fotttuuuuuuuuuu of the ipod ye twinny's gonna be sharing??? :(

And you kept ypur best friend calling all the way from Japan on hold??? tch tch :P

May all your b'days be as fun and as full of love (actually even more) like this one. *Raises hand to bless you* ;)


bondgal_rulz said...

@ Dream'R - I eat edible food alright!! Huh!! Unlike some, who only eat others' brains out :P

aupsy said...

hey b'lated happy birthday!!!

Ur gifts were too gud i say, and the cake was the "icing one the cake" envy u!!!

so sad u aint a teenager nemore tho ;)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Belated Wishes ..... Hope you had a good one ;-)

Princess Sonshu said...

Belated happy bday!!!!

Hey i just visited ur blog! thnx for visiting mine!

sarika said...

hey luvd it!!
n luv u(a big hug).....
just wanna be there d next time to paint ur face wid choc!!
n weren't u laughng n cryng at d same time(reminds me of sumone) :D

Dr. Acula said...

@Kriti: haha...Thanks!!! :D :D

Blogger does suck bad at times!!

@Neeraj: Oh, wow, really? Cool! :-)) :-))

@Anurag: said it!!! My "nice"-name.. ;P Hehe...I know...thoda confusing tha. LOL. Thanks!! :D :D

Dr. Acula said...

@Peter: Thank you!! :D

no-more-a-teen doesn't sound that bad now!! :P

@Amit: Thank you!! :D :D

@Chronicwriter:! And, thanks!! :D :D

Dr. Acula said...

@Arnab: Thank you so much!! :D Hehe..yes, I am kinda nuts about everythin purple..LOL :D

@Amith: The poem is definitely wayyyy cooler!! yeah..wonder who that wonderful person was though..umm..cant seem to remember!! :P :P

Arre...she never told me she eats i-pods!!!

@Isha: Kya yaar!! :-I

Street dog???!!! Uhhhhh....Baaaaad joke...pakau kaun??? :P :P

buhaha? again? uuuuff..

Taureans rule..yay!! \m/

@Juhi: Hey!! Thanks so much! :D

Dr. Acula said...

@Isha: I am not pakauuu!! :-/ :P

It was difficult managing a fotuu in the middle of the night, twinny!! I'm putting it up now, though!

Haha..I couldn't recognize best friend from Japan's voice..LOL..Now THAT is even worse, ain't it?? ;P

Thankee Lord for blessing this humble creature!! =))

@Amith: What?? She doesn't eat I-pods!! You lied!! :P

hehe..this is fun-ner. :P

@Ayushman: Thankyouu! :D :D

Yeah..I guess I'll have to live with no-more-a-teenager! :-/

@Rahul: Thanks a lot!! :D I did!! :)

Dr. Acula said...

@Princess Sonshu: Hey hey!! Thanks a lot!!! :D

@Sarika: yay!! Thankyouuu!! >:D< Love you too! Hehe..not in that way, no!! :P

sarika said...

hmph!!(rolling eyes)

BrownPhantom said...

Happy Belated B'day :).
The blog title is alright; though your posts are great :).
I am not very happy with my blogname either.
Keep the fun rolling ...

Live, Laugh, Love said...

MMM. That cake looks delicious :P

Parikshith Kumar said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha... The birthday cake had me in splits.. Pakau, ha ha ha :-) You've got some good people surrounding you :-)

I am no better off either. My friends had thrown me a surprise birthday too. Almost everyone - school friends, office friends, colleagues at work, neighbours everyone had gathered. A delicious cake awaited its turn to be cut by me,the birthday boy. And guess what was the name iced on the cake? "THARKI" ... !!!!

Mads said...

pakau? :|
and i think ur nuts abt purple as much as im a pink addict :D :P
but purple isnt bad either ;)
belated happy birthdayyyyyyyy (im very very very late)
from an arien to a taurean >:D< (hey, i like taureans,they are very much like us ariens, u know... :-w)
and glad u had a blast on ur birthday :D
congrats for the super cool ipod!
happy belated b'day once again :)

Dr. Acula said...

@Brown Phantom: Thankyou for the wishes!! :) Oh, and thanks so much!! Glad you like it! :D

Haha..I louuuve my blog name..and now I know it actually means something too.

@Live, Laugh, Love: Sooo was!! :D

@Parikshith Kumar: Hahaha...I knowww!! :D Thank God, I'm not the only one!! LOL :D

Dr. Acula said...

@Mads: hehe...yeah, pakau. LOL..I talk too much!! Yeeah...I know you're so nuts about pink..aree..y dont u get a pink template yaa?? oyeeee...and thankuuu thankuu!! >:D< :) :)
Oh, I knowww...I really get along very well with ariens!!! :)


bondgal_rulz said...

Oieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....the photuuuu is up and u dint even inform!!! Hmmpphhhh !!!

Anyway, me being the forgiving person that I'm, will forive you for this.

AND, it is just sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Feeling J yet again* ;)

Waiting for the share. :P :D lol


wild iris said...

Oh yeah, you're 20 already! I feel better now =P

LOL Nirvana, are you frikkin' kidding me? Who did you think would buy that?! Ahaha, like bella LOL

AND OH YAY I'M MENTIONED :) I should really read this more often, it aint as crappy as I thought *runs*
:P :P :P

Dr. Acula said...

@Isha: Oyee!! Shit, shit..I sweeeear I thought I'd told u about it!! Shit, shit!! lol..anyway!! hehe..we're both so forgiving naa..!! ;-))
Thankeeeeyouuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! =)) =))

haha..Joey doesnt share FOOD!! ;-)

@Krits: I'm frikkin serious man!! Nirvana is the wayyy to go..wooohooo! :P Bella?? LOL that YOU have been mentioned!! :P :P

Oyee..ladki!! get a shoutbox on ur blog!! :P

workhard said...

Hi.. Wish you belated birthday greetings :)

Seems like u having a good time;)

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