Sunday, June 28, 2009


First things first,

Guess what, JOHN and KATRINA DIE at the end of the movie!!!! DIE!!!!!Muhahahahahahahaha!!

Ok, THAT I've always wanted to do. Really. PK (NOT JK's relative. I charge for special appearances on my blog and that's what the free ones get.) spoiled the whole suspense and the generally happy home-room mood, when he burst right into the classroom with "Dumbledore dies", right after the day the book was released. The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was a catastrophe. None of us had any premonition of this impending doom and hence, were totally unprepared.

I'm not doing a review here a la Rajeev Masand. Who, BTW, I really like. I can't say love. I've started loving too many, too much. It's hard to create a line. But yes, he's awesome. I like the way he does the reviews. He's aggressive in his choice of words and so, we have a connection :) . Doesn't get off focus just to sound funny or something. He's great, really. OK, I take his word only if I want to. I mean, the guy's great and everything, but we don't have to agree on everything, right? So, yeah, he spoiled Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na for me, which was probably the first time I listened to a review before watching the movie myself. He called it an average movie. And so, I could not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Second time round when I watched the movie alone, at home with Tyler (That's what my bro has named our PC. Lame, no?? Muhaha. Guess what our laptop is called! Dragon!!! Ahahaha. And he calls me lame. Ah, whatever.), I cried buckets, tubs, drums. I don't exactly know why I cried that much when it's supposed to be a feel-good movie. Well, I still have doubts about me. Hee hee.

Okay, returning back to the main point. I don't intend to do a review of the movie. But, my would-have-been-victim in such a case is in Bangalore doing an internship and I don't really think I can afford a STD call, right now. She calls me up in the middle of the night because of a "MAJOR CRISIS!!" that was Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. She'd just seen the movie and was feeling "destroyed, deeply affected, devastated!!!". Yeah, you get the drift. And it went on for some 3 hours. Gawd, I am such an amazing friend! And everybody at home is sick tired of my 'wondering aloud'. So, yay!! :) Blessing in disguise, right? What disguise! Just blessing.

So the movie is going awesomely well throughout, right untill the end. I'm about to cry at one particular point when my dude of a bro makes a you're-such-a-lamerrrr expression and off we go laughng. I mean, I don't get it. JOHN DIES!!! KAT DIES!! I don't feel a thing. Nothing. I didn't cry. Didn't want to jump right into the movie and save them from the bullets that went right through them. Nothing. In my friend's words, kuch feel nahi aayi. You know, it seemed all fake. I knew it was a movie and there were actors playing it. I wasn't shocked when they died. Nor sad. Cause they were merely actors playing their respective roles. Just that.

Why exactly John did what he did, I can not figure out. The message of the movie, if any, was also very vague.

I like the songs a lot though. Especially 'Mere Sang'. I like the feel of the song. This Pritam guy's really cool, man. I mean, he copies the best of Taiwanese/Korean tunes and brings them to India.

Anyway, my mood has changed from aggressive, DAMN CONFUSED-can't figure out a thing, weird to normal, normally hungry, judging whether or not I'm in love with NNM(damn, his name is looong). So, yeah, I'm not going to elaborate any further on my point. There's no maggi. :( Toh, basically, Sunfeast Pasta ki Jai!!! Shit, I'm back to confused. Blue, Red, Green ya Orange??!!!


Stupidosaur said...

"kuchh feel nahin aaya"

To be expected. Esp if John/Katrina dies.

Were they almost smiling in that dying scene? Was it looking like "Look I am so cool! I am playing a scene where I get to die!"

Although I haven't seen this movie, nor have any plans of seeing it, I can somehow imagine scene of their dying not touching at all.

Vaguely reminds me of Abhishek bachchan in Dus. Playing role of 'charming martyr' or something in the end :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

:) :) :) FINALLY posting huh? :P

i always wanted to do dat too, lekin u shud be thankful i didnt. :P :D else u wud hav hit me wid a virtual brick or smthng. :P :D

bt neway, NNM is d yummiest thng i hva seen in a long whilee... :) :)doesnt he look 0h-dear-god-save-me awesome in dat scene whr he goes to meet Kat at d school... dark suit.. i actually sighed. LOLZ. :P :D

N i like Tune jo na kaha more. :)

Annie. :)

Anurag said...


Ruined it ...*Boohooo*

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you saved me a couple of hours for going and watching the movie :(

bondgal_rulz said...

*Whacks you on the head with the super mota corporate accounts book*

*Not satisfied, adds the law books too*

Hmmpphhhhh, WTF!!?? I mean WTF ya????

Thanks for saving me 500 bucks. As now I'll not be seeing the movie on the big screen.

But yes, NNM is yummmy!! ;) But nothing beats the yumminess of Hrithik in dhoom 2. Damn those moves!! *sigh*

IcE MaiDeN said...

oh yes hrithik is yummy too... bt he is nt up for grabs eh? married man n all.. :P :D :)

Dhanya said...

'Mere Sang' rocks noooo ? :D I love that song too...

I watched Jaane tu 3 times... each time expecting it to create the magic for me which others were talking abt... and trust me, I get even more bored each time I watch it :D

Thanks for revealing the climax of New York :P #@*&#@&(

peter said...

Ok 1st of all I hate that Rajiv ki 'Ma'sand. The way he blabbers the whole review and gives his own eye-blinking judgements on every damn thing gets on my nerves, I mean,common he has not done any PhD on Bollywood. He literally 'Fork'ed RDB ..Said it was a bullshit, and yeah thats not the only movie he rated low. I think Komal Nahata or Taran Adarsh give better reviews. However I believe that critics are the biggest losers in the world, look at Samar Khan or Kunal Kohli ..they used to review movies as if they are the Big DAddies of bollywood and wont give a single flop ..when they start making movies. But what happened :O

Ok now coming to NY, Katrina's theory was as lame as Shiney Ahujas taste for women, she thinks that if shez not telling him the truth he will be back someday, I mean what is she, an Alien? And John says that he will Press the button if they shoot him ..but does he ? The last scene became oh-so-predictable.

But NEW YORK's Best Brown Bread was NNM 4 sure :)

bondgal_rulz said...

@ Annie - Does that really make much of a difference?? :P :D

Prianca said...

i dont know what should i say to you?
scream at u or be thankful.....for revealing the climax.. hmph
just yesterday i'd read the review of New York in TOI by Nikhat Kazmi. even he was sensitive enuff not to do wat u i guess u did a good job at revealing d ending in very first line of your post. readers will think ab crib karne se ya faayda, aage post padh hi lo, ending toh pata chal hi chuki hai. ;)))

nd did u say "feel nahi aayi"?
d damn review said its an awesome movie
shit, m confused now. :/

Aw.S.M said...

You r such an ASS!! Taurean agreed. But such an ASS!!

I actually planned on watching that movie u toh no point...the actors as it is cant act and now u ve blurted out the storyline...sighh..ab kya popcorn ke liye jaaoonga ? :P

Rajeev Masand is such a *******. He acts like he rules the place when he does his reviews and whent he actors come for interviews, he ll literally lick their sandals :P.

Chal woh sab is this the start of back to regular blogging?


Ankit Mahendru said...

now why do i visit people's blog just randomly, and why do i need to read it further when i've already figured out that this person has 'party poopers' as her friend and is not wary of sharing their 'leaks' and thus proving to be of same ilk. No offence. Nice stuff.keep posting :)
A not-going-for-NY-now maiden visitor :(

DPhatsez said...

Hmm somebody is in El-Bitcho mode :)

Thankfully main woh movie waise bhi nahin dekhnewala tha but u have given me a super bargaining chip against my roomie.
He's a die hard bollywood fan and now he does everything i ask for as long as I dont spoil the ending for him.

Thanks Siya! \m/

neeraj_only said...

Grrr....u made last thing as first thing . Galat fayada freedom of speech ka ;)

all movie reviews are conspiracies ...lolz

Dr. Acula said...

@Stupidosaur: But, I love Katrina!! AND John too..but not as much as Kat!! No, seriously, dontcha give me that look, I like Neil too!! :P

Nah. They weren't smiling. Thank God for that!!! No, but John looked like "Okay, I'm getting shot. So what?" and Kat was like :O "Saaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm" *Dhish dhish dhish* *Dhusshhhhh..*

I din't watch Dus! Seemed like a Lamo movie.

P.S.: I love your screen name! ;-)

@Anniiieeee: Yes, FINALLY. :) :) Although, I did do a post before this as well!! Totally, I would have!! Dekh..main kitni sweet hoon!! I didn't reveal the secret before you went and saw the movie!! Now, dontcha want me to be your BFF!!! :P :P :P

And I knowwwwww. I mean, I never liked NNM before..I hadn't seen any of his movies, either. But then, DITTO what you said. I sooooo wanted to save him. And that scene was a killer!! Arre that reminds me, I did silently (when my brother wasn't looking) shed a tear at that moment!! :")

Dr. Acula said...

@Anurag: Heeeeeeehawwwwwwww..!!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Over and OUt!!!!! :D :D :D :D Thanks for making my day!! :P

@Anamika: Oh, anytime! :)

P.S.:Compared to the others, you've been real sweet too, thank you! ;-)

Dr. Acula said...

@Isha: Main kaun hoon??? Main kahaan hoon ?? :O :-/ Now who'll pay for all the tattooing that needs to be done on my body a la ghajini!! :P

WTF..Hmm. Know what, I've tried to answer that before too. But, samajh nahi aaya. :-? acha question hai. Will get back to you about it. :P :P


500 bucks?? :O :O WHAT?? Were you going to buy a Platinum to watch this movie?? Mast hai yaar. Your internship must be really paying u well, haan! :P

And yeeeeah..NOTHING can ever beat Hrithik!!! :") :")

Dr. Acula said...

@Dhanya: Yeeeeah, totally rocks!!!! :) :)
It was MY pleasure!! :)

@Peter: Know what, I totally agree with you on whatever you have to say about Rajeev ki 'Ma'sand. :P And be surprised to know that I like the man, still!! :D The way he speaks and all! I don't agree with him A LOT of times..yet I like him!! :)
Ye rishta kya kehlata hai?? Even I don't know. :P

And he does only what critics are supposed to do, are meant to do. He adds a lot of more spice to it, actually. Komal Nahata and Taran Adarsh are just okay. But u can't get worse than Khalid Mohammed!!

I actually quite liked Katrina's theory. Thoda romantic tha na. :">

And yeah!!!! Hi 5 to u!! You seem to be the only person who shares my view on this. THAT is precisely what I did not understand AT ALL. What the hell did John do?? Agar marna hi tha..toh sabko maar ke marta!! I would have done that for sure!! Weird. Aditya Chopra "Screwed it ALL up" in John's own words.

Totally! NNM !!!:"> :"> :">

Dr. Acula said...

@Prianca: So you do agree I'm smart, right?? ;-)))

I'll tell you what. You HAVE TO go watch the movie. The thing is that if the end had turned out to be just a little saner, I'd have been gushing about how much I LOVED the movie. You see, the movie was PRETTY AWESOME till that end happened. :(
But seriously, you should totally watch the movie!! :D

Dr. Acula said...

Amithhhhh: :) YAYYY!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! YAYYY!!!! :D :D :D

Arre..don't worry!! There's still some pleasure you can derive out of the movie by spreading the word. Partners in crime, what say?? ;) ;)

OR you could accompany me to "The Hangover"!! I've seen Rajeev Masand praise a movie that much the first time. It's got to be good!! :P

Yeah..I agree with you about that thing Rajeev Masand does. Phir bhi, acha lagta hai!!! :P I like the way he speaks..super-fast..hyper-excited and I like his choice of words!!

Um, Actually, this is NOT the start of regular blogging. I don't know. I blog only when I reeeeally really feel like it. And yes, today was my last exam..but I actually get no break..classes, classes, classes..I guess, I'll see! I ll be regular on your blog..dont worry!! :P

Dr. Acula said...

@Ankit Mahendru: YEAH, Why DO you?? :P

No offence taken!! :P

Hee hee..I'm just happy about finally having managed to take my revenge on mankind. Oh, sweet revenge. ;-) :P

Oh, and thanks!! See you around!! :)

Dr. Acula said...

@DPhat: Ohh!! So I din't spoil it for you!!! :( Kyaaa yaar!!

LOL. I'd looove to have you torture your friend!! Awesome!! :D \m/

@Neeraj: Yeeeeahh!!!! :D:D Mazza aayaa naa?? ;) Dekhaa...I'm smarter than you think!!

MultiMenon said...

Rajiv Masand is GOD among all the reviewers right now.He is the one who I bank on for the reviews and yeah,he is bang on most times.. :)

I wanted to make it for NewYork sometime and I guess I ll sometime..thanks for the climax btw.. :D


Chriz said...

hahaha.. i like you now..

need more climax breaks :) do it girl

Mads said...

i read only the starting part coz i suspect u hv written more abt new york
thanks thanks thanks but unfortunately for u...
no i havent watched the movie..
but someone else already pooped my party before u did :|
muhuhahahahaaa (doesnt really feel like laughing)
i shall pay back day...very soon... :X :P

Anonymous said...

Theek toh thi! Haan itna sad nahi tha and all, but I have toh stopped crying for movies anyway. :P

Aw.S.M said...

Obv u ll have to be regular on my blog..i ll break ur leg otherwise na..then toh no swimming even :)

Haan chal hangover dekhne chalte hain..but he did praise dev d also quite a bit na...and he wasnt too kind on Don, KANK or ChakDe...lets boycott him :P...

i m waiting for KI...bebo re bebo :)..and mark my words..agar koi suspense hain toh..u ll def hear abt it from me...promishhh :D


Bullshee said...

Uncool Acula! Uncool!!!

This is like the time Amith(friend) staggers into our room when we were in college, comes softly to the side to the bed and shakes us awake - only to say "Trinity dies, we don't know what happened to Neo"!!!


But I still read the post to the end.... :-)

brocasarea said...

hey wht is this??..ur being a spoil sport here!!...

p.s-thanks for dropping by my blog frequently!!:)

Suyog said...

i was about to go for the movie but you saved my time ......... :)

i m new to your blog to read more stuff


Venkatesh said...

well that is what separates the gud from the best....
I guess the story writer himself did not know what to wonders whether he wanted ppl to pity terrorists/suspected terrorists....or did he want to portray the role of American forces!!!

Dr. Acula said...

@Nikhil : I KNOW!! @ Rajeev Masand :D
You're welcome :) :P

@Chriz: Haha..nope, I'm done here!! :P

@Mads:yeah..we shall see about that..we shall see.. :P :P my parties are anti-poop!! :P

@Qi: Pata nahi..I din't feel a single thing. Hmm.

Dr. Acula said...

@AWSMM: yes, yes..let's boycott him!! dosti ke liye kuch bhi!! :P AS IF!! :P

YAY!! I guess no suspense in KI, haan?? It's such a DUH movie..but I'm dying to watch it too...Staloooneeeeeee...he was my FIRST LOVE..REAL WALA love!!!! :D :D :D :"> Rocky BALBOAAA!!! And OMG Brandon Routh OMG!! And OMG BEBOOO!!! :D :D

Dr. Acula said...

@Bullshee: Sorry to spoil your fun. Teeheehee. :P :P

@Broca's area: Sowwiieeee!! :P

@Suyog:'re welcome!! :) See you around, then!! :D

@Venkatesh: YEAH!! Exactly my point!! BANG ON!! Hi5 to you!! I din't get it either!!! Uhh..weird movie.

Mads said...

i saw new york!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
neil nitin mukesh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but yeah..why did john do it? :O
*reverts back to day dreaming about NNM* :">

Stupidosaur said...

Yeah me too!
..which means..

I too love my screen name


I love your screen name too. DrAcula!
Thats what pulled me here!

Dus- I watched on cable in parallel with studying for some engineering paper. My ass was on the chair studying and hence was not free to get laughed off. But yeah, the movie mustve been LMAO types.

This fellow was some air force pilot or something. esha deol (or whoever his heroine was) was a vamp, but both 'fall in loooove'. Fnally at the climax this bachhan is flying the plane with her too in the cockpit (why I wonder now!). Abhishek takes a 'brave decision' to plunge the plane into the sea, far from civilisation (There is some bomb in it about to go off. Esha deol as part of villians, was responsible for the bomb but has change of heart at the end :P)

But instead of plunging the plane and getting the hell over with it, there is a 1-2 (or more) minute footage of only abhishek (not in plane all of a sudden).

For no reason at, all he stands at all odd angles, trying perhaps to act like a self sacrificing goody two shoes, and making weird faces.

Esther said...

Honestly I didn't like the movie! boo!

Dr Riya said...

i thought it would be some cool stuff in the movie.. some latest katrina styles n all.. but when i saw the movie was dissapointed.. but anyways.. hindi directors are atleast coming up wid some new topics other than love...

Dr. Acula said...

@Madhuri: Hainn naaaa???!!! Told you!!! :P Neiiiiiiillllll....GAWWWWD!!! *drool*

Dr. Acula said...

@Stupidosaur: Arre waah!! Thanks!! I love it too!! Dr. Acula!! hehe!! :P

OMG!!! LMAOOO, even with my ass on the chair!!! :D :D :P

Serously..I HAVE to watch this movie HAVE TO!! LOL

Did u watch Tashan BTW?? Now, THAT was a real LAMO types movie!! Seriiiously!! I actually liked it..I mean, the movie sucked..but I hadn't laughed that much in a long time before I saw it!!

Dr. Acula said...

@Esther: Yeah, Boo! :(

@Dr. Riya: you know, I liked the movie before the end..that was what sucked!! And yeah, the topic was pretty interesting! :) see you around! :)

Parikshith Kumar said...

I should have listened to Masand's opinion on New York. But I brushed aside his review with a wave of my hand saying "Saala woh mota kya jaanta hai? Jab dekho TV pe apna muh faadte rahta hai" . So I went ahead and watched the movie.

Big big mistake. Waste of my hard earned money. Waaaa :'-(

Sorry Masand. Sorry Acula. :-)

Hyper Cyber ! said...

movie was okay. A one time watch, I would say :)

Quest said...

Read review of New sense :D so not worth wasting my time on :D

Liked the sounds of Tranformers 2 for 2:12 hrs :)

Waiting for Ice Age 3 to come in pirated copy :D

अर्शिया अली said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
{ Treasurer-T & S }

Anonymous said...
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