Friday, June 19, 2009

WHY ME, WHY???!!!

:"((( I am dying to 'take light' 'just chill' post something on my meet up with all my friends that I haven't seen for ages who've now taken to abusing me because I'm the one who's always busy!!! Bwaaaaaaah. :"( . Everyone is having such a good time. Everyone. Damnnnnnnnn!!! I don't want to study. No. Not Financial Accounting, not Economics, not Business and Industrial laws. Not Anything. Not fair. Not fair. SO not fair. The good ones never have it good, do they? Enough of all my positivity already!! Enough of it. Enough of everything. I hate exams hate exams hate exams. HATE EXAMS.


Anurag said...

It seems you hate to blog too :(

Everybody hates exams girl but that doesn't mean you would hate everything in life....they are just a passing phase

Adbhaaise : Blog more and may be you would be able to see the sun shine :)

All the best :)

peter said...

I wonder how people drop the idea of blogging 1 month before the exam ...I even blog during the xams :P :P

best f luck for ur xams !

neeraj_only said...

Hey siya!! , load mat le itna .xm has fun things associated that if u hv time :)

and don't think u r worst student smile and get ready to to enjoy xm :p

Aw.S.M said...

buhahahahaha...isliye bolta hoon ki time pe padna chaahiye :P....hehe

Oye no probs..tu pehle padle then post...even ur AwSMness ll can wait :P


Celestial devil said...

Typical student mentality..Huh..

Hopeless Romantic said...

Do come back soon, we are missing u !


DPhatsez said...

Poor lil Siya! tsk tsk!
Chalo koi nahin maaf kiya!

DO ur exams well and return with a bang

bondgal_rulz said...

Is there any one who doesn't??

Can someone please tell me the name of the guy who invented exams? I'd like to take him out of his grave and kill him again with a heavy dosage of exams. Hmmpphhhh.

Arre ab tto thoda hi time bacha hai...kyun tension le rahi hai...and on the positive side, tere exams bhi tto ache ho rahe hain na?

Missing you.


Dhanya said...

Whenever I hear 'exams' I can't help but feel a kind of happiness inside thinking am over that phase ;)

Lol... I am a sadist I know :D

Mads said...

all the best...u studying industrial laws? :O wat are u pursuing re? :O
arre :D again,i'll say, u sound just like me :D
this 'aargh' wala post has to go and i want a 'yay!!' post next time :)
all the best gurllllll >:D< :)

Dr. Acula said...

@Anurag: Arre!! No, I don't!! lol.

I think I'll see the sunshine fully only when they're over!! But my bad mood is long gone! hee hee.

@Peter: I'll tell you why! Because sometimes they like to show their parents that they're really studying! In my case, I like to torture myself so that I don't feel guilty when I have a TOTAL BLAST after exams..u know it feels well-deserved that way!! Also, sometimes, as they approach, they just start to suck life out of you slowly and steadily till the time all you can think of is EXAMS!! hee hee. You asked for it!!

@Neeraj: load!! sab load gaya! And worst student???? :O :O :O I've actually been a PRETTY good student all my life!! And by that, I'm modest! :P sach!! Haven't I mentioned that anywhere on my blog?! :O

Dr. Acula said...

@Amith: Okay Mommy..I'll do that the next time pakka!! :P

@Celestial Devil: Yes, typical. I'm a typical typical person. :P

@Amit: that's more like the thing I'd wanted to hear!! ;)

@DPhat: Totally will!! Bang bang bang !!

Dr. Acula said...

@Isha: Haaaaan...I knowww!! yup yup..most of em have gone pretty well!! :)

I'm back to my positive self already!!! hehe :) :)

@Dhanya: Lucky you!! Mera bhi number aayega..hopefully!

@Mads: I'm pursuing Chartered Accountancy. And I'm going to say this again.."I knowwww!!!" :P LOL.

yeah yeah..i'll be back with yay soon hopefully!! :) and thankyaaaaooouu!!! >:D<

wild iris said...

Awww, did we rub it in too much? I wasn't having a great time, if it helps. But you're nearly done, yay :)

Dr. Acula said...

@Krits: Yeah, I guess vaibhav did it. lol. And yay!! :) I'm nearly done!! :D

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