Friday, March 13, 2009

How's that even possible!

Caller: Hullo, hullo..Is this your number??

I: Um, yes.

Caller: But, it's mine!!!

I: Whaaa..? Hah..It's my number!!

Caller: You know, it's mine and now, it's yours too!

I: How's that even possible?!?

Caller: When did you get this number??

I: Some five months back. Why?

Caller: Because I had this number..then I gave it to an acquaintance in Bombay and did not use it for six months. Now, I've got a SIM for the same number and had given it to my family in Tamil Nadu..Although I haven't activated the SIM in my phone yet..And my family, they say that whenever they call, the ring goes but, no one picks up..So I decided to call up myself to check..what's up!

I: (Bombay...Tamil Nadu...Uh, Ohkay..) But, I can't help you,'s my number now..

Wonder what's up!


Anurag said...

Hain ??? Ye kaise hogaya ....Aisa bhi hotaa hain .....Bhai mere saath toh nahin hua aisa kabhi :P ...Tune uski ram kahani Suni hee kyun :D ??

bondgal_rulz said...

Weird is the word !!!

Siya said...

@Anurag: Haan!!! Sachii!! Weird na?? arre..itni interesting call cud I not listen to his ram kahani!! :P

@bondgal: Yeeeah..totallY!

sawan said...

aye. but how cud the same number work locally in bombay and tamil nadu?? :( hope that after he activates the card, he wudn receive parallel calls!! scary it is :(

Dream'R said...

hey there...

pretty interesting read this this really happened??...

u call this the purple hole but y is everything pink??...:-)

shubhash bhardwaz said...

its perfect

Twisted Elegance.... said...

well I doubt if it was someone very close to you or maybe someone who wants to get close to you


peter said...

wow so u are the first person who can call on her on number ;)

Isn't that awesome :P

Siya said...

@sawan: I only know what he told me. :P
I guess it was someone really confused OR really pathetic OR both. I seriously don't know. :D

@Dream'R: Dude, I don't make stuff up just to make my blog look pretty! :P
@y is everythng so pink??:Paradox?

@Shubhash Bhardwaz: Um, thanks. Keep coming!

@Twisted Elegance: Nah, didn't seem like it this time. :P

Dream'R said...

i m confused!! care to elaborate??...;-)

Siya said...

@Dream'R: Yeah..well..that's precisely what I was doing here..get u confused :P LOL. Seriously.

It's nothing man..I just like it..not much thought into it..I love purple..and pink is a new obsession..and if you'll read my first post, you'll know I suck at I can't customize a template for my blog just the way I want it..till the time my so-called computer genius of a brother (:P) helps me out!

Plus, it's a contrast ..see?
(And it got you thinking ;) )

Haha. Hope you got it now.

Siya said...

Peter: Okay, I'm sure it's something funny that you're saying. But, I didn't get it! :P

Thanks for dropping by, btw. Keep coming! :)

peter said...
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peter said...

I mean ..if i call on my number all wat i will get is a busy sound :D

but if u can call on ur own number will ring probably (which would be weird..) but is quite a possibility :D

Siya said...

@Peter: HAHAHA..yeah totally! Maybe I could talk to myself over the phone then. WOW! :D