Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pichhle das dinon mein...

I really think I deserve this, after trying to "abstain" from the internet the last ten days - especially trying to stay away from my new-born, my blog! Oh, I missed you.

Yeah, so I was studying, trying to rebuild my once all-evasive will power. I tried so hard to keep all the random train-of-thoughts that my mind keeps boarding on and off, especially while I'm studying. And, I was almost successful. And yet, this post is dedicated to all the totally random thoughts that floated in and out of my thinking space the last ten days.

You guys suck man! :
Horrible, horrible things never stop to happen in or around our neighborhood. I mean shooting 5 Sri Lankan players while they were on way to the stadium to play cricket!! I was like shocked outta my wits!! My first reaction to the news almost gave a heart-attack to my grandmom! I was so shocked and disgusted at these people. We're helpless. They come, attack us and go. We can't even do anything about it. It's sad. What's sadder though, is that the Pakistani Government, as very well expected by me, won't even accept the blame for the shootings that took place in their own country in the beginning!! Impossible people.

The radio was on and there were listeners calling in to share their pretty violent with anger views as soon as the word of the incident spread around. There was a person who said something like "If it had been Dhoni or Sachin or someone- I swear to God, I would have killed them!!". Totally man, totally. I would have gone with you!

I surprise myself! : I'm SO happy with myself lately! I finally got over my phase of depression and constantly thinking 'I'm so lonely and I'm so sad' and am back to the original me! I did not even blame the whole world this Sunday because my plan of going out with my friends to some place nice did not materialize. A little secret. I pep talk myself. ;) . Go girl!! :)

The scrubs Guy rocks!!: I've been watching Scrubs lately with my breakfast and lunch-alone breaks. I love the show. Apart from my interest in Biology, it's funny to the core. No strings attached - types. Zach Braff is like..LOL. I love his character J.D. for momentarily stopping to daydream and switching to talk-to-self mode even when others are waiting for a response from him! I mean the guy's awesome. :D

I want I-pod nano 8GB SO desperately now!! Only problem is, I don't have the time to research and find out the best price I can get it at. Hmph.

Look who's here!!!: I LOVE JACKIE CHAN!! I do. I love him like...LOVE him!! And now, Jaycee Chan is here!! Woohoo. Go son!! Make Daddy proud!! Waiting as hell for "The Invisible Target"!! OMG..He's soo cuuute!! And, he likes Indian movies and wants to do Bollywood numbers with all the dance and music and colours!! Best thing, he thinks Indians must be a happy lot because of the kind of songs in our movies! :)

P.S.: He thinks Mallika Sherawat is down to earth and that gives him the impression that all Indians must be like that!! ROFLMAO.

P.P.S.: Isn't he a total copy of Jackie Chan?!


sawan said...

the last time i visited a Apple shop, the price was 8,699/- .

Rahul Viswanath said...

We missed you too ...... Nice post :) !!

Siya said...

@sawan: Yeah, I know. That's the M.R.P. But, you know how we Indians are always looking for jugaads. :P Yeah. That's what I'm looking for. Could save some pocket money there.

P.S.: Thanks for joining in! :)

@Rahul: Yeah? You made my day! :D

Mads said...

lol nice post :D jackie chan rocks and lol@ the comment abt mallika sherawat =)) :D :D
i loveeeeee ur pink template just coz its pink :D
will blogroll u :D :D \:D/
p.s- me too wants ipod :((
specially loved ur label 'sucks to be u'
thanks for visiting my blog n leaving such an awesome comment :) :) :)
cool u happy and over ur depression \:D/
me also getting over the whole depressing cribbing thingy :) :) :) :)

Kishore Choudhary said...

hi siya nice post again

Anurag said...

Damn So much happened in the last 10 days .....Guess I was sleeping :P ...Anyways ...

2 points

1. I like the 2'nd point... stay happy :)

2. Jackie chan ?? ...Hasn't he gone a li'l old :D ??

sawan said...

why do u wana buy an 8Gb, go for the 80GB video version. it was 13k wen i bought it a year ago.. prices would have definitely come down!

bondgal_rulz said...

Hats off to you lady for actually managing to keep away from the Internet.

Glad that the phase of depression is over. :)

Welcome back. :)


Siya said...

@Mads: U love my template?! :-O Wow! That's a first! Thankee! =D
Good for you! :)

@ Kishore Choudhary: Thanks! :)

@Anurag:, I'm not marrying him! ;)

@Sawan: Hmm. Not a bad idea, actually.

@Bondgal: :D

Dream'R said... u actually managed 10 days without the internet!!>..that in itself deserves a standing ovation ;-)

So u r a scrubs fan too?? nicee...yeah i m a big time JD fan too...the daydreaming LOLZ...!!

& btw i was kinda hoping outta the sri lankan players injured atleast muralidharan wouldve gotten killed...(the chucker no way deserves to over take king shane)..and obv..the paki govt had nothing to do with..they were out initiating peace talks elsewhere..LOL...


Siya said...

@Amith: Hi!
Thanks for visiting!
Keep Coming! :)

JD ROCKS! Plus, he keeps telling himself not to say or do a particular thing and then ends up doing just that! I think he's a bit like me that way. ;D

And obviously, the Paki Govt. did not exactly have anything to do with it :P ..I meant..they did not accept that people from their country had done it! ..which is obvious I's them who are threatened by the SL team..not us..right? We rule! ;D

Dream'R said...

Actually the australian cricket team rulz..hehe!! lets not start an argument abt that here..;-)..and yeah JD's spaced out moments r real funny..but i hate his bro though!! major jackass!!