Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sinful eating and cheap video games - HEAVEN

Every inch of my body is a cramp. And although this trip was supposed to make me all fresh and new so that I can jump into the battlefield with my Gladiator sword once again to fight stupid Income Tax Act, stupid accounts and all those stupid subjects that have a tendency to get me into the self-pity mode on and off, I haven't felt groggier in months. Argh..PAIN!

No denying the awful lot of fun I had..that got me into this!

Yay!! So I went to Shimla..for the ninth time for a three and half day trip.. Why I've been to Shimla so many times is another story - will explain later. Important thing is, it still remains one of my most favorite places in the world. No one ever gets why I like the Mall Road of Shimla so much! So this dedicated to my dream place..Simla (or Shimla..whatever!) and all the things I love about it!

It's cold.

It's so close to Delhi.

The hills are adorable. Can just keep looking at them forever.

Ek rupay wali VIDEO GAMES!!

Thoda Panga ho gaya. Thanks to inflation, they are now - Do rupay wali VIDEO GAMES!! Hmph. X(. But then, everyone still calls Bengaluru Bangalore!

Anyway, this video game parlour on the Mall still remains the cheapest there ever was! I can easily spend a day there. Plus, turns out, Himachalis are not really good at video games. I mean if I could easily hit the High Score in Mustafa..that counts for something, right? :D


Kurkej, which may seem like a weird name for something that sells at a bakery is just that. It's an invention of Krishna Bakers which stands right on the Mall Road (and has awesome pastries too!). Could not get a picture. You can guess why. Kind-of Vegetable Kebab-ish with three awesome sauces. Sets the showers in my mouth going.


Although we have them everywhere now..Softies were an invention of the hill-stations. It's still more fun to have a softy on a hill-station than anywhere else.


(click on the image for a better view.)


Cafe Sol is this awesome place (Cafe, duh) which is a part Hotel Combermere. Apart from the awesome interiors (It's all blue at night and orange-yellow in the day), this place serves really good Mexican and Italian food at prices way cheaper than anywhere in Delhi! Also, cute waiters. ;) omg..I want to go back!


Honey Hut is this small, really cute Cafe at the Mall where every sweet thing they sell has honey in it in place of sugar. Thank God, they spared the sandwiches though. I'm not a big fan of honey like Papa is. But the Honey softy and Honey-Tomato Soup actually tasted great when I pretended there's no honey in it.

And..Tadaa...Here it comes...The new thing this time for me was -


Here we come to the part that got me all cramped and half-dead. The only way I can connect with Bella of Twilight is her balance problems. I've had them since I was a little kid. My scars from various accidents while cycling/running/cycling/standing straight, right before the great fall (out of shock - when the dog came running)/playing football etc. back then are still there.

But when I saw kids half my age skating like professionals..I thought - Who the hell cares!! And..WOW!! I was flying, if the skating rink was a sky..! Like a true champ.. All those skating lessons that I took some 10 years back were suddenly afresh in my mind - bend over, step and skate, move the hands - everything!

.."woohooooo..I'm going to Commonwealth, 2010!!!"..

..And you know what happened after that. I fell with my body twisted in every awkward angle possible. (stop picturing it!!)

And bad as it was, I went on and on ..had 7 more falls in 45 minutes (My brother was counting, ass!)

I'm thinking of continuing this..after my exams..if they ever get over! I finally have a sport I like.

Overall, my trip rocked as usual! :D

There are more things to tell. But I gotta study!

Hum hain rahi pyaar ke..Fir milenge chalte chalte..! ;D


Dream'R said...

2 rs video games!!!..seriously!! do they have tekken there??...aur btw y do all girls have to bring up twilight in their blog..get over it already!!;-)..i nevva actually liked the hillstations..coz i have this constant tonsilitis problem but u do paint a nice picture..maybe i should give it another go ;-)

peter said...

2 rs video games i mean's like free ;)
and 7 falls in 45 mins is ok :D
i will probably fall 90 in 45 making it 2 falls per min on avg :D

i hv never been to shimla ..shud go now :P

neeraj_only said...

hey siya...i think you are like me when it comes to "ice-cream" in winter...hehe.why else anyone will try "softy" at hill station.

i am big fan of ice-cream (winter season ..hehe)
,but never got chance to try ice-cream when snow all around (hill station).And guess what , i am banned from eating ice-cream when i am at home ;) , actually i get sore throat very easily...cya..happy blogging

bondgal_rulz said...

Long time lady !

So had a good trip haan ??

I have been to Shimla but I had no idea about those free (yeah 2 bucks = free :P) videso games there. :(

And ice skating....sounds super cool. I couldn't try it as they didn't have skates in my size when was there. :( :(

Best of luck for your exams. :)


Anurag said...

Damn!...Sounds like a rocking trip ..Me wants to go to Shimla :(

Siya said...

@Amith: I KNOW!! No tekken :( !! Twilight..I promised Edward I would mention it somewhere..Couldn't let him down. ;)
All hill stations aren't as much fun as Shimla! Nainital, Manali and Mussourie are like really boring (as far as I can remember). Darjeeling is AWESOME too! :D

Siya said...

@Peter: I KNOWW!! :D

Oh! Does that mean, I could still try for the Commonwealth games??!!

Yeah, you totally should!! :D

Siya said...

@Neeraj: *Hi five* . Good for you. You can use it as an excuse to keep away from the extra calories! ;)

Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

Siya said...

@Isha: Long time, I know! Read my next post to know why.

Um, wasn't ice-skating actually. Just skating. I SO wish it was ice-skating now. Bwaaaaaaahhh :"(

Apparently, that particular rink's been there since the time of our Independence! Cool, no?

Thanks! I need lots of luck! :)

Siya said...

@Anurag: :P

sarika said...

i miss skating !!
in school usd to play skatng hockey(nt in a team or nythng bt just for fun)
n my stupid locality dsnt hav a sports cmplex where i can find a skating ring!!(too lazy to go ny farther..)
n i m the great person who introduced u to twilight..finally u have its effect! read new moon n i knw u will lv it more (bt it is bad too!! imagining edward n not finding any guy who can match him;p)
shimla..have gone once when i was in readng ur post makes me want to really experience it! ;)

Siya said...

@Sarika: When was that??!!??!! :-O :-O :-O

Who said I like twilight?!

I'm just ..I'm just..*hesitates*



He's a vampire, dammit!!! I don't WANT TO find a guy like that!!!

Come with me next time naa!

sarika said...

sum people r too scard to luk beyond;p..
read new moon i thnk u will connect wid it(sum parts..)n i knw u will be a jacob supporter(rivals!!!)
i seem to hav lost my obsession wid twlt nyway..(stupid stephnie has stoppd writing midnight sun!!!:-o)

Siya said...

@Sarika: Yeah..stooopid stephnie!! Yay..that's the spirit!! :D We're on the same side now, honey! :P