Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My thoughts become things!

My thoughts become things..

My thoughts become things..

My thoughts become things..

No, this is not me going crazy. This is me on the path of achieving every damn thing I want!! All I have to do is say this line over and over again to myself till the time I start believing in it. Yes!! I've just started reading this book.."The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It's been lying with me for a long time now but it wasn't until today that I found the time and more importantly, the will to read it. (It was gifted to my father to "enhance his powers". Teehee. My father has his set of fans. Me on top, of course.) I had to go on this long metro ride today and so, I kept it in my bag. I've just read through 17 pages and this book has so much of positive energy in it, I love it!!! Mostly because, crazy, insecure person that I am, it feels real good to have some reassurance once in a while. And this book promises me that I could achieve anything, like simply anything if only I tame my mind to focus on all the good thoughts and all the things I want to do and want to have. Which means I can be a film-maker/really rich person/writer/psychologist/have the guy of my dreams which well might be..err..ranbir kapoor/SRK/my own band with me as the lead singer and lots of other things I want so bad and all in this one life. That is SO COOL!! So, it wasn't bad to dream all these years, was it! Heeeheee..I wish..

As usual, when left alone for a long long time with no one to talk to, my Broca Motor's speech area is in a hyper-excited state right now and so, you can expect this post to be very long and verry random!

BTW, yes, SRK is forgiven. I just realized how much I love him and he's just SO ADORABLE!!! And, it happens..with everyone..everyone has weak moments. I just saw Mandira interviewing him like couple of minutes back on 'Extra Shots' and GAWD, those dimples!!! And I love everything about him..what he says, his super-rocking attitude - everything. I love you always and forever, Shahrukh. :) I am sorry. :(

Also, I love dada and I want to apologise to him too. I remember the time we met him in London, shopping in a Marks and Spencers store and how sweet he'd been to me and my brother and my parents. He's such a sweetheart!!! :) :)

AND I'm SO SO happy that KKR WON!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!! :D :D :D

Anyhoo, done with apologies and back to the randomness. So while I was sitting in the metro and reading the book, the girl next to me was obviously trying to read it too. I could totally see that from the corner of my eye and so, I decided to help her and positioned the book slightly more to her side. After all, no one should be deprived from knowing "The Secret" naa. And she turned out to be a twin. Like, another one!! Not an identical twin, of course. They are way too many to count. I've had people complaining to me about how rude I was to not wave back to them when they saw me at a party/another party/in a general store/near India Gate. DU-H. It wasn't me! I mean twin in the sense..she not only felt no shame in admitting that she was burrying her nose in my book, she even started discussing the subject of the book with me. Cool, na? Yes, I have this weird habit of spotting my twins. See, it's because I've started not liking people in general and then, when I do think someone is SO LIKE ME(!!!) and all..I say it. Of course, there's always the possibility of people running away from me, thinking me to be a crazy, love-deprived person or something. But, what the heck! I take chances on them. And I can judge them to be that person in the slightest of interactions. I've found two such people in real life and they're 'friends for life' now, as I pretty much expected the first time I met them. So, I'm not really that freaky person who just clings to every other person she likes. I'm actually a lot more psychic.

BTW, Delhi Metro is very well on the path of becoming the next DTC bus service. I mean, they stopped at Kashmere Gate for at least 8 minutes just to gather the maximum possible number of stinking, obnoxious passengers they could in that time.

I think I should really get a pepper spray. Those creepy self-defence workshops teach you the stupidest of stuff which is totally unpractical. I remember the time they came to our college and demonstrated how to get hold of a guy's hand, use it to turn him around violently, jab elbow into his stomach and then lift him up, only to throw him back down..if he tries to touch your hand with his while traveling in a DTC bus. Errrr?? My parents think I'll make all the men in Delhi go blind. Like I'm that mad!

I'm very happy because couple of days back, I really cheered up a friend who was feeling really depressed and alone. He's really a kind of happy-go-lucky rare variety of a guy and it was probably the first time ever that I've heard him so depressed. And it feels just great. Because it was done over yahoo chat and yet, I could make him ROFL. I think I'll be a great psychologist some day. If you're reading, I want to tell you that you're the sweetest guy ever and you simply rock!!! And you know I say stuff only when I really really mean it. :) :)

I just realized the number of times I've used really in that paragraph!

Today is the birthday of one such person who really influenced my life in a great way and taught me so much when I was so young. She was my middle school class-teacher. I miss her. I want to call her..but don't have her number. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY ANJU Ma'am!!!! :) :) You'll always be near the top of my favorite people list!!

Before you read the P.S. section, let me tell you that I'm not a mad person and that it was written way before SRK was forgiven, but could not be published because blogger was acting real slow. Or was it MTNL? Who cares?


You can go ahead now.

P.S.:-For the while that I'm not on talking terms with Shahrukh, I've found myself a new idol and I have a very valid reason to like him. "Zindagi Jhandawa, Fir bhi Ghamandwa". Yess Boss, you heard it right. If you think my faith in humanity is totally shaken and hence, this, you're wrong. I've started believing in it. Yups. And guess, what! this person is the Shahrukh of Bhojpuri films! Do I need say any more???

This is why.

The thing that most people missed out while defining 'friends' on Urban Dictionary is that they are the people who just love to annoy the crap out of you, especially if you are too honest about things. Well, some of them. Sometimes.

Some recent digs my friends made at (study-leave-)me included these:

"Whaaaa..?? Haahahaha..You are SUCH A NERD!!! Hahaha...Past six months you were working more than 50 hours a week in your..whatever you call it..your office and now you're studying more than 50 hours a day!!! Shit man."


F:Heyy!! I just called to check ..you aren't drinking too much, are you??
I: What??!! I don't drink...you know that!!!
F: But, New year's..
I: COME ON NOW, that was just a sip! You're mad! Plus, you know I haven't the time to go out and have fun, really!!
F: Yeah..that's pretty much why I called!! Dev D..remember? People drink in depression!?
I: What??!! AARGH..I'm not depressed!! Shoo.!! Shoo..!! Shoooo!!!!


I: Hiiii!!!!! Long time yaar!!!! Sup??
Friend's friend: Nothing..college..masti...u tell??
I: Nothing..padhai and all..on study leave..
FF: Oh..so your life's in deep shit, eh?? *evil laugh*
I: If you insist...that is.


P.P.S.: My dreams are getting weirder day by day and also, a lot more symbolic. I want a sound sleep so bad. Hmph.

Update: I've removed the Ravi Kissen picture. He is just SO UGLY. Ugh. It was put up only to tease Shahrukh..but now that we're back together..Shoo. You have no place in my heart or on my blog.


Hopeless Romantic said...

that was the best 'khichdi' post i have ever read...emotions, humour,fast paced, resemblances...good ! Do let me know how is the book...wld like to read it if i get positive feedback:)


bondgal_rulz said...

I'm yet to gather the will to read it, despite many not-that-big-on-reading friends telling me to get hold of it.

Do let us know, if it is worth it.

The apology part was kinda expected...you sounded too much like a SRK fan to not apologise. :P

Spotting twins!! Cool game na!!

Oye! you once said that I sound SOOO like you!! Hmmm...don't worry I ain't running anywhere just yet...though you did make me walk away into the sunset. :P Hmmmpppffff.

Glad to know that you are cheering up people and don't need to be cheered up for it. ;) :P

Regarding the definition of friend - "I hope that you know, I'm your TRUE friend." Lol

hary!! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rahul Viswanath said...

Complete masala piece ..... Had a real fun !!
Get going Siya .........

Chriz said...

your teacher is lucky

and "the secret" might reveal to you lot of things.. keep reading

god bless

sawan said...

that was loooong, u definitely need some rest :) i have the book, but havnt read it till date :( its good? all the very best for ur exams :) and dnt make the subjects take ur brain for a ride :) have fun in btwn :P

Twisted Elegance.... said...

it took me exactly 15 minutes to read this post!

You met Dada?


J said...

intrstng post....refreshing

fms1988 said...

That was such a lovelly post..It felt like i got you in front of me blabbering away..:P (But in a good way!) I really enjoyed reading that,I was pretty low & sleepy all of a sudden im awake !

Anurag said...

U talk to random ppl...inside a train :O
And how many twins hv u got :O

And A Ravi kishan Fan ..That's a first for me :P

Siya said...

@Amit: Hehe..yeah, that sure was khichdi!! :P
Sure will tell you..although methinks I'm going to take a LONG time reading this..chewing on every word the way I do!
Cheers to you! :D

Siya said...

@Isha: Oh yes, I will! :)

I knoww...SRK!!! GAWDDD..*drool drool drool*

Arre!! Bohot cool game hai!!! U try it some time!!

HeeHee. *embarrassed smile* Uhm..Yeah, I did tell you that!! You're the 'ever-hyper-excited' and 'think-too-much' twin!! Ek Hi5 ho jaye issi baat pe!! *Hi 5* :P

LOL. Yeah..I do know you're my TRUE wala friend!! He He He \:D/ \:D/

Siya said...

@Hary!!: Great, isn't it!! *Hi 5 from a KKR to a KKR*!! Oh, and thanks!!
See ya around!!
Cheers!! :D :D

Siya said...

@Rahul: He He...Thanks!! :D Cool..you survived through it!! You get a 'Survivor Blogger Award' from me for this!!! Put it up on your blog!!! Pakka!! :D :P :D

Cheers!! :D

Siya said...

@Chriz: Oh yes, she is! :) :)
Oh..totally into it!! This book is beyond awesome!! :D

Siya said...

@Sawan: Arre..Talking is my favorite activity and I was doing just that..only, I was talking through my blog..so I ain't tired!! He He..although I do need rest in terms of a good, sound sleep!! Oh yes, the book is sheer awesomeness..although I've just started!! Read it!! :D :)
Cheers!! :)

Siya said...

@Twisted Elegance: WHAT??!! 15 mins?? Was it that long, then?? HeeHee..
Ohhh..thank you sir for devoting 15 precious minutes of your life to this!! Honored!! *Bows*

YAYYY!! I MET DADA!!! But that was five years back..but, STILL!!! :D

Siya said...

@J: Thanks!! :D Thanks for dropping by!! See ya around!! Cheers. :D

P.S.: I like your name..short and sweet hai! :P

Siya said...

@fms: He He..really?? Wow!! That must be SO COOL naa..imagining me in front of you..blabbering away to glory!! LOL.
Oh!! You just made my day..errr..night!!
Cheers!! :D :D

Siya said...

@Anurag: Come on, I don't talk to every random person..only if the situation is too interesting not to talk!! Plus, these strangers are girls only..as delhi guys are so despo..correction: all guys!

Hardly any twins left..Anne Frank died naa. Poor girl. :(

Arrey..it's Ravi Kissen..atleast learn to spell it right!! And that was me trying to be sarcastic. Hard to believe..but, yes!! :P

peter said...

No comments on SRK :|
Cool u met DADA B-) and WOW u are a breathing stress buster ..that must be more ova gift isnt it ?

BTW that Bhojpuri SRK must have said "zindagi jhandwa, fir bhi ghamandwa" (as in ur life is messed up, still u are proud of it)

Hey your write-ups are so random ..i love it when my brain cells jump from One LOLing point to the other, which has no connection with the previous one whatsoever ...It's kinda brain tickling ;)

Happy blogging !

Arnab Majumdar said...

Nice ring of Randomness to the post there, really liked that :)

The Secret... wanted to read that, but things like exams keep popping up... do lemme know how that book is though...

I've known the people who read on the bus/metro sitting beside you, although I'm not so much of a nice guy to let them read it. I make it all the more challenging for them to read the book, just to see how long they'd keep trying before giving up... it's fun! :D

Cheers, keep blogging... take care.

Siya said...

@Peter: He He..breathing stress buster..Lol! Oh yes, it is totally a gift!! :P :D

OMG!! Oh, yes I knew what he said..that's why the explanation! lol..That does not even qualify as a typo..it's like a MEGATYPO. Shit, brain-typo.Shit, whatever. Beh. Thanks for pointing it out.

I wish I could have brain cells that jumped. *Sigh*

Yes..random it is!! Damn..i talk to it!

He He..Thanks a lot!! :D :D :D

Cheers. :D

Siya said...

@Arnab: Heh. Thanks for liking it!! :D

Oh yes, I'll let you know for sure!!

Oooh..so u're that one, huh? Well, usually I do that too!! He He..it sure is fun!! :P Lol..but somehow, I'd taken a liking to this particular girl cause she offered her seat to an old gentleman before he refused and she sat on it and that is a thing I haven't seen many people doing! Plus, it was my duty to share "The secret" naa. :P

Dream'R said...

I m soooo sorry..i ve been unbelievably busy at work...guess i m abt a week or so late..my math even sucks now!!!

Oye is there some book your dad has been gifted on how to murder the management?? if so..do lemme know!!! aaarrgghhh!!

Well well well...so u r back on the right path eh!! I ve still not forgiven you over the SRK badmouthing..but now u r almost back in both( mine and SRK's :) ) good books..!! Let there not be a repeat of all this hungama ok!!..hmmmpphh

Sigh..if only i had a twin...i could blame him for everythin that goes wrong..hehe..but meeting some1 like that on the metro..lolz..unless there r hot chicks on the train..i dont talk to dudes!! P:)

And speaking of peppermint..how abt spraying my whole management!!! arrhhhgghhh..i need peace of mind...hopefully i ll be abck to normla nxt week....cya then..btw..got ur real name..hehe...


Quirky Mon said...

Hi Siya, First time here. Loved going through your blog.

I had bought the book "The secret" a few months back, but I couldn't make myself finish it. I found the whole idea of just repeating your desires to achieve them very laughable. More Action, and less Daydreaming is the key to success instead of the so-called secret mentioned in the book. The author sure cashed in on a bogus concept! This is just my opinion. Many others love the book though! Tc. Happy weekend :)

Siya said...

@Amith: Like FINALLYY you're here!! Woohoooo! *whistle* :D

It was the Voodoo dolls, I tell you!!! XD

ohh..and don't spray 'peppermint'(use pepper!!) on your whole management..cause they'll love it!!! You don't want that, right?? OMG..you really do need some rest!! :D :D

And real names..hmm..let's just keep them to ourselves, then! LOL..Taurean swear? ;)

Siya said...

@Quirky Mon: Hey!! Nice to see you here!! :D
Oh, well. I actually think that the author has tried to imply a deeper meaning. Obviously if we keep thinking about stuff that we want to happen and don't care to lift a finger..the secret won't work! I guess, in that case, we don't want it badly enough.

Oh and I'm a dreamer..so I'm loving it!! :) :)

neeraj_only said...

aha!!!.....finally!!!! done reading ur random-random-random post.

most "random" post i did read on blog, and length was also not on shorter side "like-u" :P

2 points from this random entry :

# 1: girls love to call themselves "freak" ; don't know why?....already 3 gals in my friend list who are self proclaimed 'freaks'.

#2: it becomes difficult for me to concentrate on my reading when i know someone is peeping, so nice to know u tried to search "twin" in this situation.....hehe...

carry on 'freak' ...(i think u r candidate for "4th" freak ..lolz )

Siya said...

@Neeraj: Oh..good!! u survived!! Well done!! :D

hmmmmph on the "short" comment!

arrrey....I said I'm NOT a freaky person. LOL. I'd never call myself a freak. I've way too much love for myself to call myself that! :D :P

nancy said...

woo...dat waz realy nice..!!
u inspired me 2 read this buk "the secret" wich is lyin in my shelf since soo many days...
n also 2 stay happy happy....
u hav neva met me in d metro...lolz...
i wana meet u sum day..lol..!!

sarika said...

hey nice random post...;)
n i miss middle school days n teachers...(really really cherishd part of our lives!! )
u rembr HEROINE!!
will read d secret definitly...(though i m on a break aftr readng like 150 buks in 6 mnths..;))
ur idol is super hot yaar..(make way for rakhi sawant too..;p)

Siya said...

@Nanceeeee: Yayyy!! you're finally here!!!! *Hugs* :D

Good..better read it!!

People suck girl..just don't let them get to you..don't let them mess with your peace!! Try, okie??

Yeaaaah....ek din aap yu humse mil jayenge LOL..nice song, naa??

Better keep coming!! *kicks your ass*

Cheers! :D

Siya said...

@Sarika: Bad moods over??
Hehe..thanks! :)

Herrrrroineee!! How CAN I forget!! LOL. :D
I miss her!! :)

Cheersa!! :D

Dream'R said...

hey my fellow loveley taurean...i m all set to spam your blog again ;-)....its wonder wat sleep can do for a confused mind...and yeah thanx for the concern re...but now his sarcasmness is backkk!!! ;-)

Celestial devil said...

Hey let me know if the 'secret' works for you.There is one guy who was almost destroyed by that thing..

Siya said...

@Celestial devil: Oh, I will!! What do you mean by destroyed?? :-O Was that you? :P :-O

Celestial devil said...


Mads said...

Random randomness :D
@the part where u tell a person who is like ur twin that she is so like u....
yes u do =) >:D<
liked this mixed bag wala post.
sorry :-s i hate srk :|
feeling bad u are with him again :|

Dr. Acula said...

@Mads: hehehe!!! yes yes..we're totally twins!! :D :D >:D<

U HATE SRK??!! Like HATE??!! :O :O
Hawwww!!! :(

Koi nahi..we both like Ranbir AND Imran AND Neil ..right?? So that kinda makes it up!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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