Friday, April 3, 2009

100 things I know about me :P

Okay FINALLY do I get to do it (Since I've already done all the boring things boring bored people do for fun - updating my picture collage-have added pictures of Tom Cruise and Jaycee Chan to it! I'm so boring prouda it. He he :D ) ..Tadaaaaa.....My first tag!!!! Isha !!!! Thank you so much girl for tagging me !! :) :D

1. Last drink: Ice cold water to check whether or not I'm in a dream. Have slept so much today..the delusion won't go. ;-) No, that was just to shake myself outta sleep.
2. Last phone call :My besht friend since class second! Probably wanted to tell me about another guy who asked her out. Has been happening a lot these days! Engineering students are such despos, I tell you. :P I told her to let me sleep in peace. Hehe..sorry yaar.
3. Last text message: Last one I got was from an unknown number and I know who it who's taken upon himself to disturb my peace of mind as a challenge. Such a sucker! Doesn't know I know. Not happening, dude.
4. Last song you listened to: 'She will be loved' by Maroon 5 on Amith's blog. God, I love the song!
5. Last time you cried: Right after I wrote my last post. Don't ask why.

6. Dated someone twice:No.
7.Been cheated on? No.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? No. *Yawn*
9. Lost someone special? Not really.
10. Been depressed? Um. *clearing her throat* DUH!!
11. Been drunk and threw up? No. *Yawns some more*

12. Purple. D-UH.
13. Blue.
14. Pink. D-UUH.
15. Black.

16. Made new friends: Um, sorry? Which time period is this exactly referring to?
17. Fallen out of love: Ditto what Isha said. ;)
18. Laughed until you cried: Not really...tears are only an expression of sadness or anger in my case..
19. Met someone who changed you: In a great way, Shimak Davar!!! Have feet will dance. Went from an all-time football playing tomboy to little miss dancing shoes! :D :D :D
20. Found out who your true friends were: :) Yep.
21. Found out someone was talking about you: Yeah. It's seriously so much fun..having people bitch about you. Haha.

22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Heh. I like this tag.
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: All of em!
24. How many kids do you want to have: Two.
25. Do you have any pets: No. I hate pets and dogs and all animals!!! Ughh.
26. Do you want to change your name: i LOVE my name!! I love myself!! Muhahahaha(Mugambo laugh)
27. What did you do for your last birthday: Started with me crying about turning 19 ..and writing a long crib entry in my personal diary. Then, had a very pleasant surprise visit by a really close friend!! Had lots of awesome chocolate cake and..bought myself a pretty bag from dilli-haat!
28.What time did you wake up today: 9.00 a.m.
29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Playing Word Challenge on Facebook. :D
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: My studies to get over!!!!
31. Last time you saw your father: Couple of hours back.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I could stop talking about all the things I WANT to do and start doing them! stop being lazy.
33. Most visited web page: - all the games - 'word challenge' and 'guess the sketch'!! Gosh, I'm SO addicted!

34. Name: Not giving that away yet. Siya for you! ;-)
35. Nicknames: Hehe..that would clearly give away my name!
36. Zodiac sign: Taurus
37. Male or female or transgender: Female
38. Elementary:Too much information!
39. School: Delhi Public School, RKP. Yes, the infamous one. Proud as I am, couldn't skip this one!
40. Colleges: Um, since it would take a lot to explain, let's skip it!
41.Hair color: Black. Ah, I love my hair!
42. Long or short: If I stretch my arm to go over my shoulder on to my back, I can touch the end of them with my fingertips. Is that long?
43. Height: 5 feet one(and a half) inch. And yet, I could ring all the bells in the mandir I visited today. I love the mandir! I love myself! Muhahahahahahahaha(Mugambo khusssh huaa!)
44. Do you have a crush on someone? Ranbir Kapoor!!! Man, is he hawwt!! *wicked smile*
45. Ever been in love? Um, I think so.
46. Piercings? Two on either ear.
47. Tattoos? N-ah. I hate needles (and injections)!!!
48. Righty or lefty: Righty
49. First surgery: That must be the one on my gums/tooth. Damn milk teeth that were so much in love with me, they won't go and damn permanent teeth that won't come down the gums and damn the braces and damn the dentist. Btw, grossest thing ever, I could actually see the surgery being done on my gums..all the blood coming out..and.. *pukes* *recovers*. The dentist had a mirror on the ceiling!
50. First piercing: Read 46.
51. First best friend: Aditi Bhatia. Where are you, girl? I wish I could find you!
52. First sport you loved: Cricket!!
53. First pet: Read 25.
54. First vacation: I think it was Agra or something. I've seen these pics with reeeeally cute me in front of Taj Mahal. I love me! :D
55. First concert: Hrithik Roshan!!!!! Wow, that was the awesomest thing ever...I still was right after Kaho Ha Na Pyaar Hai and Hrithik Roshan had suddenly beome the heartthrob of the nation!!! And, my friend(read 2.) was SO obsessed..she wanted Hrithik and Amisha Patel to marry!! Hehe.
56. First crush: I've told you about it already!

57. Eating:Nothing. Do I look like a monster?
58. Drinking: Nothing.
59. I'm about to: hang Mr. Spiderman upside down so that I can kiss him when he takes his mask down. Muhahahaha. Sorry, I'm in a drunk mood and that was a joke. I don't kiss dummies. Muhahahaha. But I can.
60. Listening to: My brother talking to one of his stupid friends and his sister. He's SO stupid!! OMG. ROFL. He's trying to fool his friend's sister..telling her that I'm in class 1 or something..that he has a baby sistah. LMAO..Now he's telling her that my boyfriend is in third class or something..OMG he's so mad and SO SO vella, I tell you!!! Shit.
61. Waiting for: My brother to hang up on his friend and play Jazz Jack Rabbit with me! Kya hai..!! @#$%

62. Want kids? Very much!! Hehe..I have it all planned out. They're going to be the best kids ever!!
63. Want to get married?Totally..but only when I want to. Read 64.
64. Careers in mind? Chartered Accountancy , if I ever reach to the end of this long, long tunnel! After I get the degree, I'll earn lots of money in two years and will go to the US to study psychology. Where, btw, I'll also meet my dream guy. We'll marry and come back to India after the course is over. I'll be a psychologist and help people out with their troubles. Short term goal.

65. Lips or eyes: Eyes...(T&C: The lips aren't too bad)
66. Hugs or kisses: Hugs..I'm a big fan!
67. Shorter or taller: Taller..would complement me.
68. Older or Younger: Older. I'm really old-fashioned.
69. Romantic or spontaneous: Both?
70. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach.
71. Sensitive or loud: Loud..and hyper-excited ..Really really fun to be with!! I hate the sissy types..and that's all you get these days! Uff, recession!! (Hehe..I read this somewhere..Blaming everything wrong in your life on recession is a good way not to be depressed!) and He can still be sensitive inside (and and when required)!!
72. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship. D-uh.
73. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker!

74. Kissed a stranger: Dude, no! Hadn't you already guessed?
75. Lost glasses/contacts: Never got glasses. Love myself!!! 6/6 vision, baby.
76. Broken someone's heart: Uh, kind of. Am still dealing with the curse it put upon me.
77. Had your own heart broken: Kind of. Told you. The curse works, man, it does!
78. Been arrested: No.
79. Turned someone down: Yeah. (The person who's made this tag is totally psychic!)Well, that's what the curse is all about..kinda! He wasn't that bad, you know..I wish he wouldn't have asked in front of so many people..and even though he was lame, I wish I wouldn't have blurted out the next thing that came to my head..which was obviously an insult!
80. Cried when someone died: When Marissa died. :(
81. Liked a friend that is a girl? In a totally non-lesbian way, all. Du-h. Why would I be friends with someone I don't like!

81. Yourself:Mostly
82. Miracles: Not much.
83. God: Very much.
84. Love at first sight: Kind of. *blushes*
85. Heaven: Yeah. I was in it a while ago..having the best chocolate truffel cake in the world! Muhahaha. Only the apsaras were missing. But then, I'm not much into girls.
86. Santa Claus: Heehee, totally! Santa, if you get gifts for me, I will, I promise!
87. Kiss on the first date? Not really. Unless the guy's like..Ranbir Kapoor or something!
88. Angels: Apsaras only.
89. Devils: Nae. Yamraj, though. I saw this movie with Jitender in it when I was small..and Yamraj was like the coolest person!

90. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Nah.
91. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? RIGHT!! Whatever.
92. Wanted to kill someone ever? Lots of times.
93. Among you blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? Dude, I just got here.
94. Committed a blunder and regretted later? ALL THE TIME.
95. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? Uhh..No comments.

96. White: Don't have much white. Um, yeah..the white three fourths I'm wearing in my DP.
97. Black: A long, really pretty black top I just got..makes me look so slim!
98. Red: A cool short Bossini T-shirt.
99. Pink:A long kurti I recently got. Love it!
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? Another lame question?

I don't know many people here. And I don't know if they'll ever visit my blog to find this post. And yet, I'd like to tag Dreamer with a distinct vision, Anurag (I know you hate tags. Muhahaha. Mugambo laughs again!), Mads, Rahul and A Sawan.


Dhanya said...

Nicely done. Very entertaining! Loved the 'careers in mind' part especially ;)

bondgal_rulz said...

Hey !!!

Really FUNNY tag....I'm sooo glad that you did it. :)

Finally here is someone who does not go "Awwww!!! Howwwwwwwwwww cute!!!!" at the sight of dog.

Yay!! We both share the same first love!!

#22. Nice avoid. :P

#64. Talk about a planned out life. :P

Loved knowing about you. :)


Siya said...

@Dhanya: Thank you! :D Hehe..

@Isha: too..!!

I HATE DOGS!!! AAARGH. And I hate all the girly girls who go "Awwww!!! Howwwwwwwwwww cute!!!!" at the sight of dog AND I HATE MANEKA GANDHI. I want to shoot all the stray dogs in our country!!

YAY!! *Hi five*

hehe. :D

Dream'R said... much to say...where do i begin..oooo...

so my blog is ur mp3 music site eh..wah..i m honored...and yeah thats close to being my fav song too..

how do u know shaimak?? as in where u in his dance troupe or somethin??man!! u must be an awesome dancer eh!! ;-)

DPS u have just teurned even more interesting..btw did u know the girl?? wonder u aint givin ur name away..hehe ;-)

u love ur hair, ur hair colour, eye sight....NARCISSIST!!!...welcome to the club..hehe

And last but not the least.. A wonder u r so cool...HI 5 darlin...:-)

Arnab Majumdar said...

I'm kinda fond of this tag, owing to the fact that it's the only one I've done ever! I'm still to come across one that so blatantly says - I love Myself! :D

64 was nice, good to see you've planned out the specifics. That's important in life. :D (I was being sarcastic there, just FYI :P)

Had fun reading this one... nice to come across your blog. Cheers...

Siya said...

@Amith: that was while I was reading your "Rain on me" ! Hmph.

haha..everyone knows shiamak!! I do too!!! LOL..I think that came out wrong..kehne me achaa lagta hai you know..miss dancing shoes..I'm Okay! :P I was just one of the 1000s of students enrolled in his dance classes..although I was one of the few of em who did it for 2 full years..and yeah..I've met shiamak some 8-9 times!

No, that girl was 2 batches senior to me! Hehe..riight..that's precisely why im not giving away my name! hehe..I just don't want everyone who knows me (read:fans) to know me inside out! I want this to be a free space where I can write about anything I want to and not care about who's reading it!

YAY!!! Hi five!!! :D :D :D TAUREANS ROCK!!

Siya said...

@Arnab: just did! :D That was just one of my awesome, hyper-excited, I-love-me moods!! :D

Oh, you liked 64 too! Hmm..funny it is..when I say such stuff in real life..either no one's listening OR that one's yawning and making faces, telling me to stop blabbering etc etc.!! I love blogosphere!! :P

Keep coming! :D

Shaily said...
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sarika said...

U ROCK!!(u ptobably knw it;p
had so much fun readng it.. really mast..jhakas !!
so no coments on 2(how rude!!)n i dnt mind if the list increases(jealous;pp)
waise do kisses in ur dreams count as ur first ;)
22 works both ways(with a few) and btw u r 5"2!!!(that way i m 5"3!dnt u dare dispute it!)
likd 64(hello! who's nt listng!!) dnt give up on being a superstar!!(n then dnt forget to mentn me!!)
dogs ofcrs hate them too..(except puppies!!aaww;p)
n yaa still luv hrithk!( suzanne is fine for him..luk so perfct togethr..)
hmm 77(really!!)
so here is a challenge for u!!( u can nevr do 87 lolz)
luv yaa..cia....

Siya said...

@Sarika: *Bows respectfully* Your fake name is old fashioned..I have my doubts ...Edward bhi old fashioned name tha..coz he was some 100 yrs old!! I hate it.

Anyhoo, Thank you!! :D

Yeah..I'm jealous..can't you see??

What dreams? kissed him in ur dream, dint you?! *pukes*

#22. Not too sure about what you mean to say there!

#64. Oh, you're such a sweetie *turns her away and makes a mock-face*

Yeah..superstar is very much part of the plan..once the kids are all grown up..

#77. Forget it. Don't ask.
*Hermoine, HURRY UP!! Where's that spell?!?!*

#87. What? you think I wont kiss ranbir if he goes out on a date with me? :-O

sarika said...

i like this name...(it even has meaning siya;)
i kissd Edward in my drmz..(u stupid sick mind!!) n that was when i was obsessd with twlt...
#64. urgh!
#87. yaa ryt in ur drmz;p..

Siya said...

@Sarika: You will see. The world will see. *serious face*

Peace out.

Mads said...

i just was browsing through ur blog, but somehow started from niche, my cursor went mad and i had time only to read one post and i read this one and just noticed im tagged :O :O thanks so much :D i already did this one, but on facebook :( coz my mom reads my blog :P
i love ranbir too, hi fi!! i loved ur careers in mind answer... ur so dreamy like me :)
btw im 5'8...hi shorty :D :P :P lol j/k :)
loved ur answers coz they were so spontaneous!! :)
u sure are in love with mogambo :| :P

btw i just saw ur pic when u commented on my blog and ur soooooo cute :) just wanted to tell u that :D u hv this infectious smile type of smile :D
p.s- im not a lesbian :|
and will catch up with ur rest of ur posts, but only after 2nd may... :) tc :)

Siya said...

@Mads: YAYY!! One of the people I tagged actually READ the post!!! Glad you did!! :D :D :D :D
Oh, you're welcome!!
My parents know of the blog..but, I've told em to stay off 'cause I want "creative freedom" u see! :P :P
Hi 5 to you!! :D :D
WHAT? 5'8?? Superrr!!! WHY, God??? WHY??:(
Hehe..thanks! :D
Yeah..mogambo wouldn't take me!! kya karu??!!

Ohh and thanks SOOOO much!! :) :D :) one has ever told me that!!! \:D/ \:D/

Oh yeah..all the best for your exams!! Great to have you here!!
Take care! :)
ciao. :)

Mads said...

:O u know dancing smiley :O wow \:D/
why do u want mogambo to take u :|
u deserve a cuter guy X-(

Dr. Acula said...

Yes, I do!!!! LOL. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Oh, I wish!! :) :) *dreamy-look smiley*