Monday, April 13, 2009

ALL about handbags!

"Kuch khaas hai...kuch khaas hai...Kya yehi pyaar hai(?)..Kya yehiiiiii pyaaaaaar haaiii!!! Pyaar hai..shaayad! Ok, I'll just call up Gerard and tell him 'm in love with someone else!"

"So, she's hot, huh?? No no, I'm not talking about my bike (who's a female, FYI) in some freak-ish manner..calling it my first love!! I'm in love with handbags!! I'm obsessed!! Hope Bips won't mind...She was cool with the bikes, you know!! "

"WHAT??!! Did you say handbags?? Yes, I want them..I'm drooling all over em already!! Jaane Tuuu...yaaa Jaane Naa..*chokes and dies*"

"Yeah, I usually write great stuff...but this week, I just can't think of anything other than handbags!! Okay, don't still have the Sanghvi-licious Veer Sanghvi's article on "Rude Food" to read about!!"

"WoW!!!! I'm puking handbags!!!! AWESOMENESS..."

- - - - Extracts from the personal diaries of Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Imran Khan, Seema Goswami and Siya (in that order).

(Click on the links to read their articles!)

P.S.: is yet to upload John's and Seema Goswami's column!


Nautankey said...

Handbags!!! they are the most confusing things for me.I have never been able to find differences between handbags,may be the color and texture but finally its that same with a strap and some zipped partitions.I know men are color blind,probly hand-bag blind can be added to my list.

Dhanya said...

Hahah. I like handbags too. But I rarely end up buying em coz the ones I end up liking turn out to be really expensive! :( That doesn't stop me from buying one or two now and then though;)

bondgal_rulz said...

I have never really bothered about handbags per se...being a tomboy for the majority of my life, my pockets have mostly sufficed for me and my stuff...the fact that they used to be bulging excessively at times is of course a different story altogether. ;)

But as my internship approaches, I sooo need to buy a good one. My friends are SO in for a torture, considering how long I take deciding what to buy...he he


Anurag said...

Handbags :O
U mean bags which hv hands :|
Tht was lame naa :P

*Gifts Siya Two Pink colour ke handbags* :D

Siya said...

@Nautankey: Haha..Oh! They are a lot more blind words that you can find for men..!!

@Dhanya: I'm not much into you know, I'm puking em..but you sure got really expensive tastes in everything! :P

Siya said...

@Isha: Arrrey!! Me too(for both the things you said there)!! And again, *hi five*!! :D ;P

Yeah..I only care for backpacks..handbags are still too girlie for my taste!!

@Anurag: Haan...trying to forget I ever came across that one!! :P

Arrey waaah..Thanks!! :D

Try getting a backpack next time..okie?

Live, Laugh, Love said...

Ugh. I don't like handbags,but i always end up buying them.. Lots of them. Yeah, i think i might have a problem. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!!.

Siya said...

@live, Laugh, Love: Hi!! :) Nice to see you here!!


Anyhoo, Happy shopping handbags!! :) :)