Sunday, April 12, 2009

My day in the sun.

I wake up in the morning
And enter the shower
I step out of the bathroom
Only after an hour

I'm drunk on music
I'm smelling of flowers
I'm so full of ideas
Oh, how I love to shower!

I put on my new clothes
There's nothing like pink!
I love the way I look
I give the mirror a wink

It's a great hair day
I let them hang loose
My birthday's in May
Cool, it's getting close!

Humming a love song...
I'm lost
"You're taking so long!!"
"Mumma, don't be so cross!!"

Kajal and Lip gloss
"Mom! I'm almost done!"
Shoes and socks
And I'm out in the sun!

A hip, a hop, a hippety-hop
Today's gonna be my day!
A hip, a hop, a hippety-hop
Hey world, I'm the Deejay!


My tee is pink no more
My voice hath gone sore
I can't see..what's in my eye!
Oh, I gonna die?

Sweat, dust, sweat, dust
Why, GOD?? WHY???
I'm tanned, I'm graveled!!
I'm brave, I'm not gonna cry!!

The sun hath no mercy
But, where's the ozone layer?
Oh, wait..that's gone
If only I'd have cared!

They've dug wire graves
all round the city
They say underground wires
will improve connectivity.

Waiting.. the graves are puking dust all around
The wire corpses ditched
..for some never come..
Or was it MCD who broke a promise? Hounds!
And so went my day in the sun..

P.S.: If you were looking for a message in the poem (I prefer to call it a song), I'm sorry, there is none. Just a bad day. X(


Rahul Viswanath said...

Get going Siya !!!

sarika said...

i like it;)(bt then i hav grown up wid u....;p)

bondgal_rulz said...

There wasn't any msg !! You kidding right ?

I mean the theme of environmental pollution is pretty much "in your face" in the song. :)

Anyway, msg or no msg, I totally loved it. Nice!


wild iris said...

hilarious stuff! Except the bad parts :S

Arnab Majumdar said...

Nice one there... and don't worry, the pits and all aren't gonna last forever. Although, there might be something else waiting for us that time when this stuff clears up :P

Witty one, liked it. Cheers...

Siya said...

@Rahul: Up and going!!! ;-)

@Sarika: You love me, don't you? ;P

@Isha: Hehehe..I frankly thought it was the lamest thing written ever..but then, it was just pouring out of had to publish it! LOL :D Can't believe people actually liked it!
Thanks! :D

Siya said...

@wild iris: Arrey...thanks for the AHAHAHAHA. :D :D

@Arnab: Totally!! *fingers crossed* Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

first part is such a feel good poem and the second part is so sad.. you have pictured both the emotions so well..

i hope everything is fine.. :)

Siya said...

@Kajal: :-O :-O You think so???

Thanks !!! \:D/ \:D/

Oh yeah..everything's super, thank you!! :)

Nice to see you here!! :)

Anonymous said...

:) hugs!! :) good morning.. :)