Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi! :)

Okay. Here I go. Well, this is a "Hi" post. (Yeah, Yeah, congratulations, you win, you guessed it right.) So, since I had already wasted a lot of time searching for the perfect blog skin (plus I have absolutely no knowledge of HTML and stuff and so, have absolutely no idea how to customize a blog skin according to my taste)..I thought Ah, what the hell, by the time I get over with this dumb thing, I might even get so sick of it that I might give up the idea of writing a blog altogether. So, well the template might be temporary or not. I might stick with it. Okay, so what is this blog about..frankly,I have no idea until I start writing.

P.S.: Anyone willing to do one's bit for the society by helping me out with my template is welcome. :)