Sunday, February 22, 2009

Abhishek, I forgive you. For the sloppy frame you carried in Dhoom 2 and for giving the worst flops ever. P.S.: I love you!

Okay. Not exactly as planned. I mean I really did not plan to start my blog with a movie review. Not that that is what this is. Yeah. So, I saw this amazing movie last night called Delhi-6. I was touched, truly. I mean more than by seeing Sonam Kapoor cry like a baby watching Abhishek Bacchan getting beaten up by a horde of villager-like was because the movie was based on a subject that is usually taken as a joke since the monkey man is a long gone thing now (Seriously, you should have seen the same faces then) and yet the same was given a deeper meaning, a much deeper sense. Not to mention the amazing, soulful music and the direction angles and stuff. I mean, the word is AWESOME. Really the first nice movie I saw in six months. Apart from that, I luurved Abhishek Bacchan. Sonam Kapoor was awesome with all her toothy smiles and her tall, thin, perfect size5 frame. I mean I was really beginning to like her and starting to ignore the bitchy comments she sometimes makes about fellow actresses(read: deepika padukone, who I really like..although I shouldn't 'cause she's with Ranbir Kapoor..and OMG! I love him. Urgh. Whatever.)..yeah so I was really beginning to like her when she said her first dialogue! Argh. The voice. It hurt!! She was speaking like a female Himesh Reshammiya is what I think. Seriously, I mean, Abhishek's accent was looking WOW on him. But as soon as his dialogue would end and she would'd know the difference between what things seem and what they really are.