Monday, February 23, 2009

What's with the stripes?

Yesterday was the fourth time ...or probably the fifth that I went for shopping with mom. All thanks to nancy's suggestion, I landed in sarojini nagar. Though its very far from my place, I wanted to go there badly because I had heard so much about it from my friends. Sarojini nagar is THE place if u want to buy "nice/ sexy/chic/hot/cool/lovely + cheap" t-shirts /shirts /tops/ earrings /other girlie stuff. But, one has to make a lot of effort for finding a nice one. Besides, the vendors shouting at their top of their voices : " paintees ki t-shirts, bees rupay, bees rupay, sale sale,bees rupay ki sale" is just so funny. I like it. This is what I call "the flavour of India"(reminds me of The Flavours of China ..its a nice chinese restaurant in Connaught Place, by the way). I loved the place. It was so lively fresh..n the market is like a maze, believe me. I have not seen such a big market place before. If you ask me(not that you have a choice), it was like an enlarged version of the janpath market. And then, there were yummy momos too. I didn't try them (I saved them for the next time I visit the place) , but just that they looked yummy.

I wonder why it always takes me so long to come to the point. Even mom wonders the same. OK, so now, I'll come to the point straight.

I'll begin with a limerick :

"Stripes , stripes , everywhere,
But none is worth a wear,
Unless thou want to look one of the crowd
No matter the vendors who shout out loud
I do not want you to look like an ugly striped bear"

Thank you very much for that appreciative look. I know that great piece of work really did not make any sense to you. What I mean to say is that, whenever I go to buy clothes, all I can see around me are stripes. Yellow with black (Yes, people do wear that "taxi combination") , blue with pink, purple with orange (disgusting) , broad stripes alternating with thin ones or broad stripes overlapped by more broad stripes of a different colour...ugh, whatever . I admit to be the proud owner of six striped t-shirts. But, well, one really doesn't have a choice, u know.

I went to kamla nagar(don't go there for clothes...its like a treasure hunt in garbage land) . Then I went to karol bagh (nice collection at Westside) ,then to Rajouri Garden. And trust me, I saw about a one hundred and thirty girls (don't ask me why I chose that number, please) showing off their collection of stripes.

I'm not saying that thats all that they sell. But thats most of it. I think fashion designers have totally lost their creativity and are now looking towards nature (read:animals) for help. Doesn't that explain the white-n-black and yellow-n-black combo. ( Inspiration Source: mr. zebra and mr. tiger respectively) . Or maybe, they were all hypnotized by a witch-who-loved-stripes.

Well, whatever. Thank you for bearing with me for this long.
But, tell me, because I fail to understand.....

What's with the stripes ???

Also, the one comment I liked best:

Harshâ said...

Stripes, STRIPES, you say..
are stacked all along the pathway.
Who's the witch-who-loved-stripes???
D'You mean the one with bagpipes ??
I was pondering ova this all day !!!

August 7, 2007 10:49 PM


Twisted Elegance.... said...

Some serious shopping eh? But I like stripes...though not the combinations you have mentioned! :D

Dream'R said...

i dunno abt gals...but i like stripes..esp if they have got blue in them..though i would always prefer a white tee did u get anything useful??..or only that snobbish, stripe hating look on ur face>??..;-)

Siya said...

@Twisted Elegance: Oh, you do? No wonder everyone's wearing em! Shopping? NO! This post was written a year the post previous to this one!

@Amith: Only that snobbish, stripe hating look on my face!! ;) guys have to like's not like you have much choice when it comes to clothes..striped..plain or rock-band motifs! :P