Monday, February 23, 2009

MAC and Cheese!! Almost.

Not gonna write another "I'm Back" post. Let's just say, I'm back. For now, atleast. OK, now don't give me that look.

Now, cooking is really not the kind of thing I'd like to waste my time on. Net surfing is. But like most people of my age would agree, sometimes, just sometimes, your parents want you to do just the things you hate to do. Because they knew how to do it when they were your age. Because Vinton Cerf was still trying to figure out how to impress Robert Kahn and the whole world with his stupendous discovery-Internet. Because Television still featured just a one hour daily music show - Chitrahar. Because they were obedient to their parents unlike you. After all, what would we know of a world where football was still played bare foot! I say, what's great in making a round, kinda thin, wafer-like thing with dough and then heating it over one of early man's earliest inventions?
Nonetheless, just to win some good points with my parents and more because of shtoopid MTNL's shhhtoopid-broadband-that-won't-work, I thought, what the hell, I might as well try and see what the whole fuss is all about. And I did.
As is my habit, I had already imagined what happy faces my parents would be and what "WHaa..??" face my brother would be after tasting the masterpiece of the master-chef! I chose the supposedly-easy way to this. Teh Microwave.

BAKED MACARONI AND CHEESE. Sounds simple and delicious.
I had told mum not to come in the way. Because I was gonna do it all by myself. Without any help. And then she would know how generous He had been with her daughter.

I'm not gonna share the whole recipe with you guys just like the guys at Bukhara probably won't. As Howard Roark said, "Selfishness is a virtue".
Anyway, it took me around half an hour to complete all except the last step which seemed to be the easiest because it required of me only to sit and watch my sweat and blood (not literally) transform into "a hearty dish featuring pasta and shredded cheese baked to perfection" in the microwave oven.
What turned out instead, was this :

NOT MY FAULT!! It said "MICROWAVE SAFE BOWL", DAMN IT!! Humans can err. Not cook-books, right? Yeah, the supposedly "microwave-safe bowl" got baked along with cheese! Okay, so turns out, it has mentioned in a somewhat hidden place in the beginning that Plastic Microwave-safe bowl should not be used at 250 degree Celsius "Convection Function" and that metal dishes or glass ceramics should be used instead. But, WHATEVER!! It should have been RIGHT THERE!! So while I shouted away alone in the darkness, the evil plastic fumes made their way through the interwoven web of cheese and macaroni! What I regret is, I could have tasted a bit of it while making it. But then, nobody knows why good people suffer!
P.S. : Do tell me how you liked the new look of my blog.


Twisted Elegance.... said...

hahahaha this dish is so awesome! Guys are always good at cooking though we seldom do it! So what do you call this dish now?

And your blog is awesome too!

Dream'R said...

yeah yeah..blame the bowl!!...blame the cook book...blame everything and everyone bar the cook..yeah yeah!!..aree cooking is easy..hum se seekho...ombellete, maggi 2 minutes and coffee..i m a pro at making em..hehe...tuitions dene ke bare mein soonchta hoon...;-)

Siya said...

@Twisted Elegance: Yeah, yeah..guys are awesome at everything! Born geniuses I see! I don't call it made me cry!! I HATE it!! Booo! :'(

Thanks!! :D :D

@Amith: You can't even spell em! :P Boo!